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Ruang Tunggu is the first public performance comeback of Teater Seriboe Djendela (TSD) since a hiatus due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

September 23, 2023 – The annual Journalispeak has finally returned in 2023, with this year’s topic being “Beyond Clickbait: Countering Misinformation Through Responsible Journalism.” This year’s Journalispeak aims to teach young and upcoming journalists to understand the dangers within the world of clickbaiting and how it can misinform people around them.

Sanata Dharma University – The eagerly awaited yearly event of the English Letters Department finally returned for the second self-produced musical play performance, Harsa 2023. Taking the motto “Happiness doesn’t always come around,” Harsa 2023 follows the story of the prestigious and “happy” Harsa family whose members are each facing internal conflicts in their own stages of life. 

[23/6/2023] Sanata Dharma – A brand-new nonprofit community named Kucing Sadhar has been formed to preserve and improve the welfare of cats inside the Sanata Dharma campus, spanning from campuses 1 through 5. This community has been developed to address the concerns of Mr. Harris Setiajid, the founder, who noticed the dilapidated condition of cats on campus and has a strong interest in animal welfare.

Sastra Spotlight, the first-ever platform for literature enthusiasts under the Lit Collective Community first formed in May 2023 at the Beringin area Student Hall, Campus I. Sanctuary of Unease was chosen to be the theme of the Sastra Spotlight held on June 9, 2023. 

May 28, 2023 – After the last two years being held online, the JDF Open debate competition is finally held offline in collaboration with Sanata Dharma’s English Debate Society (EDS).

Sanata Dharma University. Lounging around the third floor of the Faculty of Letters building, four members of Avis Puppet Show were spotted preparing for their new puppetry project this year.

In commemoration of the 30th Dies Natalis, the Faculty Letters of Sanata Dharma conducted a webinar with the theme “Tanggung Jawab Insan Sastra Sebagai Global Citizen dalam Merespon Permasalahan Dunia” on April 3rd, from 09.00-11.30 a.m. The webinar has two sessions and was moderated by FX. Risang Baskara, M.Hum. and was attended by more than two hundred participants.

Sanata Dharma University. The slogan ‘smoke-free campus’ which prohibits smoking in the campus area becomes controversial among the members of Sanata Dharma University who smoke and do not.

Yogyakarta (4/13/2023) – Since the hall’s renovation began at Campus I Sanata Dharma University, demolitionists’ activities near the parking area have been a hassle for both staff and students. 

Yogyakarta (15/04/2023) -The first Bincang Alumni & Malam Keakraban of the Faculty of Letters are held in Driyarkara Auditorium, Sanata Dharma University. As a celebration form of the 30th anniversary of the Faculty of Letters, this event is held under the grand theme of “Peran Sastra dalam Menjawab Perkembangan Zaman”.

Sanata Dharma University. Since the library’s bag policy was re-implemented on the 13th of February, 2023, many students still bring their bags instead of leaving them at the locker station. The staff also no longer imply the regulation strictly.

As confirmed by one of the cleaning staff, the holes found in the roof of the ladies’ toilet, on the third and the fourth floor to be precise, have indeed been there for approximately five months ago until this day.

Yogyakarta (1/03/2023) – A study tour in the field of linguistics between Sanata Dharma University and Hong Kong University first occurs. Held by the English Letter Department of SDU, it was attended by 17 people from HKU and 24 people from SDU. This program focused at the recent study about grammar elicitation that the participant had learned.

Yogyakarta(27/03/2023) – The first Friday jamming (Frijam) of 2023 was held by the English Letters Music Organization (ELMO) on the 24th of March. It took place at Sunset Coffee & Eatery with “Nostalgia” as their main theme. Being the first ever event of the year, ELMO Frijam has greatly improved compared to the previous one.

Yogyakarta (18/03/2023) The first-ever Book Sharing discussion was held by Literature for Children and Young Adults (LYCA) Reading Club on March 17, 2023. Seventeen (17) people participated in the conversation which took place in S. 304. The theme of the book sharing was “Book Treasure“. 

Yogyakarta (11/03/2023) – The annual activity “Sastra Gives Back” strikes back this semester from February 25th to March 18th. Held in Sanggar Anak Alam, Kasihan District, Bantul Regency, DI Yogyakarta, 40 volunteers took turn each week to teach elementary school students English language from first to sixth grade.

Yogyakarta (29/08/2022) – String Movie Maniacs (SMM) kicked the start of the fall semester of 2022 with its self-produced horror short movie “Elevator”. The screening was held on the Monday evening of August 29, 2022. In-room of S. 203, Gedung Sastra Universitas Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta, attend the representatives of three Student Associations in Sanata Dharma University’s Faculty of Letters, as well as the representatives of English Letters Student’s Activity Units and Lens Club.

Yogyakarta (28/06/2022) – “After two years separated by the pandemic and (also) all the virus issues, we’re finally coming back with a self-produced play performance, titled Moon at Noon 2022,” said Adriyan Frediyanto as the Head of Production in his opening speech.

Yogyakarta (11/07/20) – Performing a self-produced play, Moon at Noon 2022 was seen to receive many affirmative feedbacks from the audience. The musical performance was as thoroughly enjoyable as the dynamics of the characters. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at this year’s play performance review, mainly from our interview with the current advisor of Teater Seriboe Djendela, Mr. Agathon Hutama.

This year, the English Letters Department held a class meeting with the theme “Be Warrior, Not Worrier”. The event in which submission was opened on 16 April 2022 had both online and offline competitions. The online competitions consist of Song Cover, Poetry Writing and Reading, TikTok Creative Look, and Photography. Meanwhile, basketball, soccer, and badminton were the offline competitions. 

In the series of its 29th Dies Natalis celebration, the Faculty of Letters Sanata Dharma University hosted the second “Literature and Digital Transformation” webinar via Zoom Meeting on April 11, 2022, at 11:00-13:00 WIB. 

In celebrating its 29th anniversary, Sanata Dharma University’s Faculty of Letters held a festival seminar with “Literature and Digital Transformation” as its theme.

Integrity, the monthly online magazine of the English Letter Department, has been working on getting an ISSN number for the past few months. ISSN (International Standard of Serial Number) is an eight-digit number that identifies a publication, whether it is through printed media or electronic media. ISSN works similarly to ISBN (International Standard Book Number), but ISSN is used for periodical publications such as magazines, websites, newspapers, and journals.

Literary for Children and Young Adults (LCYA) Reading Club held the 4th online book discussion on 12 March 2021. This discussion raised a book by Katherine Applegate titled “Wishtree” as the discussion material. This discussion was held in Zoom and attended by 40 participants.

As part of the opening of the even semester, the English Letters Department of Sanata Dharma University held a public lecture themed “Towards a Campus Free of Sexual Violence”. The public lecture was held on Monday, February 7, 2022, in an online video conference application, Zoom. 

Yogyakarta (27/11/2021) – Jogja Literary Translation Club (JLTC) held their fifth translation seminar with “Paradigma Penerjemahan Pascapandemi” (Post-Pandemic Translation Paradigm) as the main topic, conducted online via Zoom. Head of JLTC Almira Romala and the Head of the English Letters Study Program Hirmawan Wijanarka, M.Hum. opened the seminar with their welcome remarks.

Yogyakarta (11/11/2021) – On November 5, 2021, the General Elections Commission of USD held a Swearing-In Ceremony for the 2021/2022 elected officials of English Letters Students’ Association via Zoom meeting, and live-streamed through Sastra Inggris USD Official’s YouTube channel and Instagram account. The ceremony was attended by USD officials, lecturers, members of the previous HMPSSING, the new committee of HMPSSING as well as the representatives from each UKPS in the English Letters Department. 

Yogyakarta (6/11/2021)  English Letters Students’ Association or HMPSSING held HMPS Coaching to prepare a new generation of elected English Letters Students’ Association Committee. This coaching was held on Friday, November 5, 2021, at the Sanata Dharma University Faculty of Literature building.

Yogyakarta (03/11/2021) – With the tagline “Shine Bright Like a Star”, English Letters’ Student Association of Sanata Dharma University held an awarding night named UKPS Award 2021, conducted online via zoom meeting. The awarding night started with an opening speech from Mr. Simon Arsa Manggala as the Deputy Head of Study Program, followed by Alviena Timothea as the chairperson of UKPS Award 2021. 

Yogyakarta (6/7/2021) – Integrity had the opportunity to interview the representatives of UKPS AVIS Puppet Show: Daniella, Clarissa, and Rian. The batch 2018 trio shared with us their UKPS’ latest activities during this current pandemic.

Yogyakarta (17-19/06/2021) — EDS Sadhar acquired several victories from SEADC (Student English Activity English Debate Competition) 2021 on June 17th – 19th 2021. They had managed to achieve several categories; among them are 1st Runner Up, Semifinalist, 3rd Best Speaker and Best N1 Adjudicator.

Yogyakarta (17-19/06/2021) — EDS Sadhar acquired several victories from SEADC (Student English Activity English Debate Competition) 2021 on June 17th – 19th 2021. They had managed to achieve several categories; among them are 1st Runner Up, Semifinalist, 3rd Best Speaker and Best N1 Adjudicator.

Yogyakarta (28/05/2021) — Valerianus Yudhistira Aldi Nugroho (184214043), Chief of String Movie Maniac (SMM) said, “We made podcast to replace fraternity night and weekly movie night program. We chose podcasts because it can be adapted to the current situation.” In addition, SMM also chose to make podcasts because it is simpler than making a YouTube video, accessible to anyone, and because there is indeed hype among young people. Through this podcast, Yudhis hopes that SMM members can share their opinions about movies with certain genres and also build more intimacy between members.

Yogyakarta (31/05/2021) – English Letters Music Organization, well-known as ELMO, launched their latest single titled “Let’s Start It”. Those who participated in this single are the members from batch ’19. Rizki Aziz Irfansyah Patra and Erika Karina Alyadinda Br. Purba are taking over the vocal position, while Samuel Aristo is the bassist. Ridho Al’piero – The chairman of ELMO – is also participating to be a lead guitarist and David Aristo, on the other hand, is the rhythm guitarist. The keyboard and drum position was taken by the same person, In Sola Fide. This team just made an epic harmonization.

Cilacap (29/04/2021) — “This book has the uniqueness of a non-fiction story that looks like a fictional story”. Inspiring e-book titled “Plymouth, I’m coming” by Niken Purwani was officially launched. The launching and book talk was held by Gramedia Cilacap through Zoom platform. This book is about the journey of a honorary teacher, Niken, that has reached her dream to be in the land of Big Ben without paying a dime.

Yogyakarta (18/03/2021) –   Felisita Angelique Novena (194214189) shared with us her interesting student exchange experience in Universitas Padjajaran, which is currently still going fully online. In an online program by the public university based in Jatinangor, West Java, Vena is taking the course “Film & Literature” to enrich her references and expand her perspective as the particular course is also established in our home department. Vena elaborated that her impetus to join the exchange program is to experience a new academic atmosphere and gain connections since she believes that a mere academic pursuit would never be enough. “I suppose that a high GPA is not the utmost condition. To be accepted in this program, it is more on your (motivational) essays and portfolios, instead.” She told the reporters.

Yogyakarta (18/04/2021) — Member of  HMPS Public Relations, Owena Zaneta said “Humas of English Letters have a new program called Sasing’s Job’’ Through the program, Humas invited and held a mini talk show with alumni and college students of English Letters to share information about their jobs, whether they were full-time or internships and the various challenges and problems they have experienced and how to deal with the problems job.

Jogjakarta (31/03/2021) — The Head of English Letters Study Program, Hirmawan Wijanarka, M.Hum. said, “English Letters Department are ready at any time to face new normal learning.” Through the usage of new normal learning, hybrid classes will be conducted for students to join classes either through online or offline. As of right now, the exact time for the implementation of new normal learning are yet to be announced by the university.