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Latest Update on UKPS AVIS: The Release of Youtube Video

Yogyakarta (6/7/2021) – Integrity had the opportunity to interview the representatives of UKPS AVIS Puppet Show: Daniella, Clarissa, and Rian. The batch 2018 trio shared with us their UKPS’ latest activities during this current pandemic.

Daniella or “El”, The Chief of UKPS AVIS, elaborated that their motivation to release the video project in Youtube is to make sure that AVIS, through online platforms, could remain active as one of English Letters’ student organizations, as well as specifically to maintain positive interraction and communication between all of the members during off-campus period. The release of video contents in Youtube is also meant to introduce AVIS’ to the bigger audiences, not only to USD’ faculty and students, but also to the public beyond the home campus.

Their initial plan is to produce videos within four categories which are tutorial, story-telling, infographic, and annual project. Based on our last observation at their Youtube channel, there are already two uploaded videos. The recent one is a creative tutorial entitled “How To Make A Sock Puppet: Tutoravis” which was released in April last year.  Clarissa. The Head of AVIS’ Content Creator, told us that for this video, Javier from vatch 2019, was the one chosen to be responsible to produce and direct the entire creative process of the video. It is known that AVIS splits their projects’ responsibility equally, so that everyone in the UKPS could experience to produce videos. When being asked what are their concept and theme in making videos, Clarissa told us that their main inspiration rather derived off the members’ “personal” “free” thoughts as well as  aspiration, so that the creativity, which is prominent in AVIS’ core works, would not be limited.

Rian, one of the editors in the team, said that it could took approximately two weeks for AVIS’ video creators and editors to produce a proper video content, while he also points out that their challenge, at this current moment, is pretty much regarding the inavailability of proper time to involve in a project. The limitation of members also took part in creating the peculiar challenge faced by AVIS from time to time.

As a closing, AVIS hopes that they could build a better communication to support their on-going online activities. As the new semester is approaching, they also put target to finish all of their work plans as reserved in the initial budgeting period. As an organization which focuses in a creative hobby which is still not that profound in the regional and national level, AVIS expects more members to join with them in the future. 

For now, let’s support AVIS by giving them likes & subscribes in their Youtube Channel “Avis Puppetry” and keep looking forward for their upcoming activities!


Reporter: Theresia Paskah Prastiti

Writer: Nathaniel Alvino R. Prima

Editor: Michael Tan

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