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A Process to Thrive: Integrity Registers to Get ISSN Number

Integrity, the monthly online magazine of the English Letter Department, has been working on getting an ISSN number for the past few months. ISSN (International Standard of Serial Number) is an eight-digit number that identifies a publication, whether it is through printed media or electronic media. ISSN works similarly to ISBN (International Standard Book Number), but ISSN is used for periodical publications such as magazines, websites, newspapers, and journals.

An ISSN number is not compulsory for a publisher. However, having an ISSN number is significant and could benefit the publisher. First and foremost, an ISSN gives the publication credibility. ISSN provides a unique way to identify publishers, and it enables the publication to be recognized globally regardless of the country and the language it is written. Since ISSN works uniquely to identify a serial publication, it is easier for the publisher to track down and distinguish the same published title between serials.

Although obtaining an ISSN number is relatively easy, several requirements and files must be prepared before application, depending on the country. “We’re still trying to file the documents because our main concern is the Integrity website’s design. We need to adjust it with the regulations,” stated Alma Anindita, the Editor-in-Chief of Integrity, regarding the latest progress of getting the ISSN number.

Alma hopes that the people working behind Integrity could have higher credibility when entering journalism by obtaining an ISSN number and receiving the certification. Obtaining an ISSN number will open up the chances for the members to get paid as well. Alma also hopes that with this step, Integrity could be more known by the public and recognized by the government and the country.

Journalist: Yohana Satvika Wahyuvenda

Editor: Arih Oviana Putri Kusuma, Fransiskus Nino Boby Laksono (QC)

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