Creative Writings Poem

Moving On


This feeling of warmth soothes me,

Every time I pass by this tree,

Memories of joy fills me,

Your kind smile ensures me that we will be together.


The air was soothing with nostalgia,

How did I miss this feeling of joy?

That feeling of calmness, being with you

Your spirit shatters the void that surrounds us.


You fell gracefully from heaven

Lending me your hand like an angel

Your presence grants me peace

The one that I truly loved


I wish I could turn back time

The mistakes that I anguish

The choices that I regretted

It was I who drove us apart


Though you’re always beside me,

I tarnished those moments

No smiles, only sadness, I convey to you

It seems you’ve grown weary of my antics


I wish I could fix it

I hoped that I could help you too

I regretted my choices

but sadly, I’m only human


Now I stand by the tree

That brings me joy and dread

Standing here, reminiscing about the past

Wishing it were but a dream


But I’ve learned to let it go

And move on from the past.


To forge a better future

From the gleaming past that haunts me

I hope you are happy wherever you are

Because I’m grateful for those moments


Author: Putu Beryl Putra Widyadhana

Editor: Nanda Pratama Putera Tomasila, Vonna Meisya Saputra (QC)

Illustrator: Kenar Syalaisha Kanayana

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