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LCYA Reading Club’s: The 1st Ever LYCA’s Book Sharing

The participants of LCYA Book Sharing and Theresia Enny Anggraini (taken by Valentina Pascalia)

Yogyakarta (18/03/2023) The first-ever Book Sharing discussion was held by Literature for Children and Young Adults (LYCA) Reading Club on March 17, 2023. Seventeen (17) people participated in the conversation which took place in S. 304. The theme of the book sharing was “Book Treasure“. 

Participants were requested to bring their preferred books to share. The discussion flowed well since the participants were genuinely excited to discuss the books they had read.

Andrea Cindy, the Head of LYCA’s Committee, stated that the theme “Book Treasure” meant a collection of the books we shared, and if we compiled with all of them, there would be a lot of books, just like a treasure chest filled with books. 

Simon Arsa Manggala, the Vice Chairperson of the English Letters Department, noted that this event marked the first get-together since LCYA joined UKPS. He added that this event was a great chance to develop and share literary knowledge without feeling compelled to do so, and it may help us to support our interest.

“During this event, we can share something we love without any pressure or assignment to do, unlike in the class. So, I hope we can maintain our consistency and interest in sharing books,” Manggala said.

One of the groups, including Anggraini, was discussing a book together (taken by Erica Rafaella)

The participants were split up into smaller groups for a more comfortable discussion. While enjoying some snacks, the participants could share one at a time and exchange opinions. The participants appeared to be active, and the discussion went well. The committee also conducted a game where participants had to guess the titles of books when the discussion was about to come to a conclusion.

As the Head of LYCA Club, Anggraini hoped that the discussion would continue and inspire others to read more and enjoy reading since it was the first book sharing. 

“I hope the students or people enjoy reading more and sharing books that others might react about so that we can share and broaden our knowledge because we usually do not have a lot of time to read; reading for enjoyment, not for assignment,” Anggraini said.



Journalist: Erica Rafaella

Editor: Desca Geovani Kristi, Vonna Meisya Saputra (QC)

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