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HMPS Preparing the New Generation of Elected HMPS

Yogyakarta (6/11/2021) English Letters Students’ Association or HMPSSING held HMPS Coaching to prepare a new generation of elected English Letters Students’ Association Committee. This coaching was held on Friday, November 5, 2021, at the Sanata Dharma University Faculty of Literature building.

”This HMPS Coaching is carried out to provide a briefing for the new English Literature Students’ Association Committee to prepare themselves, both personally and as a whole to face the 2021/2022 management year,” said Clarissa Dominica as the head of the English Letters Students’ Association of 2020/2021 management year.

This HMPS coaching activity involved all members of the English Letters Students’ Association of the 2020/2021 management year and elected officials for the management year of 2021/2022. In addition to the briefing on technical management and organization, this briefing is also a means for the old committee to share their management experiences with the new committee.

”In this briefing, there was a sharing of information and messages regarding the work programs that have been held, as well as consultations from the new to the old committee regarding the work programs that have just been designed by the new committee,” Clarissa said.

Preparing a new committee amid this pandemic situation provides a challenge in ensuring that the new committee can do their job and responsibility well. This challenge is caused by the fact that only some of the new board members have had experience working at HMPSSING. 

“The challenge that we will face is to train or adjust new committee who are lacking experience, in knowing the methods used by HMPSSING in managing several things such as entering RKA, inputting LPJ, etc.,” Clarissa said.

In addition, the new committees also have their challenges. The challenges that will be faced are more focused on concretizing or making solid work programs by strengthening work programs that have been running well in the previous period, as well as improving work programs that are considered less well-run in the previous period.

Contacted separately, Nikolaus Herjuno, or familiarly called Niko, the chairman of the elected English Letters Students’ Association for the 2021/2022 year of management, said the same thing as Clarissa regarding the challenges currently being faced by the new HMPSSING board.

According to him, because most of the new board members are currently in the 2020 class, most of them have never known in detail about the organization and also rarely meet each other which present a new challenge of its own. 

“The challenge itself is that most of us are batch 2020, we don’t understand the world of organizational management, plus we’re not too familiar with each other, so it feels a little awkward,” Niko said.

Great hope is given to the new management of HMPSSING to advance and continue the good work of the previous committee, as well as evaluating the mistakes that were made in the management of the previous year.

“Hopefully HMPSSING for the period of 2021/2022 can carry out its period well, correct the mistakes of HMPSSING for the period of 2020-2021, and provide excellent innovations to better the name of English Literature,” Clarissa said, closing her statement.

Niko, as the new chairman of the English Letters Students’ Association, also shared his hopes for the new Committee of the Students’ Association. “I hope that this Association of English Letters Students can become a representation of English Letters Department of Sanata Dharma University. Not only having an influence on the internal study program but also becoming a form of introduction for English Letters Department of Sanata Dharma University outside the campus.” Niko said as he closed the interview.


Journalist: Vincentius Radhitya

Editor: Desca Geovani, Cherry Larissa (QC)

Illustrator: Maria Angelica Chrysanti

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