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Avis Puppet Show: Puppet Making Back in Action

Four members of Avis Puppet Show from left to right: Ajeng, Tata, Putri, and Sandra (picture taken by Putu Beryl P.W.)

Sanata Dharma University. Lounging around the third floor of the Faculty of Letters building, four members of Avis Puppet Show were spotted preparing for their new puppetry project this year. 

Ajeng Suci Hati, the leader of Avis Puppet Show, confirmed that this year’s puppet show theme would be summertime. The storyline would follow the puppets going on a vacation to the beach. Unfortunately, during the trip, rain starts pouring down, so the puppets are forced to take shelter until the rain dies down. After that, the puppets continue their trip and have a nightly campfire.

As for the idea that inspired her to make the story, Ajeng mused, “I just thought of the very warm weather of Jogja lately, and I also like the idea of rain in the evening.”

According to her, the puppetry project used to be held at least once a year. The only difference between this year’s and last year’s puppet shows was the making of the puppets. 

“Last year, we just bought already-made puppets and made a video project with them,” Ajeng said. Last year’s theme was the biblical-themed Samaritan story. “You can watch last year’s puppet show through our YouTube channel, Avis Puppetry,” she added.

Ajeng noted that puppet-making could take around two weeks if Avis’s members worked on the puppets every day. Since college is a priority, alongside other non-college stuff few members need to do, they could only make puppets when they have the time, so two months is more or less the planned duration for making the puppets.

“For this year’s setting, we already have an idea. Last year we used spray paints. Now, we want to use acrylic paint to try to save some time making the setting,” said Ajeng.

The struggle of making the puppets so far was the recent Avis members’ lack of knowledge of puppet making. “Avis is an underrated student activity unit in the English Letters Department. “A few of our members, who mainly are already in their last semester, aren’t active anymore in Avis’s activity. So, there isn’t much knowledge passed down to us about puppet making,” Ajeng said.

Even though the lack of members also caused the lack of labour in making the puppets and sometimes caused inconsistency, Ajeng was glad Avis’s activity was still organized.

When asked about what she is hoping for this year’s show, Ajeng wishes that this project is going to be a success and end up as well as they expected.



Journalist: Kenar Syalaisha Kanayana

Editor: Nanda Pratama Putera Tomasila, Vonna Meisya Saputra (QC)

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