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ELMO Frijam March 2023: Nostalgia Night

ELMO Frijam Band’s performance (taken by Agnes Seraphine)

Yogyakarta (27/03/2023) – The first Friday jamming (Frijam) of 2023 was held by the English Letters Music Organization (ELMO) on the 24th of March. It took place at Sunset Coffee & Eatery with “Nostalgia” as their main theme. Being the first ever event of the year, ELMO Frijam has greatly improved compared to the previous one.

Each band performing has prepared four songs and trained for a month before the jamming session. The band performing are Xtasy, Sixieme Pop, Sixsins, and Glasswuple. The show was closed with a surprise performance from Sammy and his friends, the alumni band. Around 100 people attended the show.

A lot of obstacles were experienced while preparing the show. Katharina Bayusekar, the Chairperson of ELMO, noted that aside from the venue’s location, each band also faced a conflict in choosing what song to perform and how to arrange them.

ELMO Frijam’s Audience (taken by Agnes Seraphine)

Maria Divacaeli Kurniarti, the vocal coach of ELMO, gave a supporting statement on the obstacle faced during the practice. She mentioned that the feedback had to be given to the members repeatedly to ensure they gave the best outcome while performing.

Regardless of ELMO’s struggle, this month’s Frijam was a great success compared to the previous Frijam. With the performers being more prepared, the huge increase in the audience, and the venue being in an outdoor area, it fitted more with the theme which was “Nostalgia”.

Being the audience of ELMO Frijam, Bernadetha Olivia Puspitasari also felt the difference between this Frijam and the previous one. The difference is that it was livelier than before. She said, “Because of the clear sound system, we can focus more on the performance, and the vibe supports the performance.”

She further stated, however, that there was still room for improvement for the next ELMO Frijam. 

“I hope they will be more prepared, not too focused (on the song), and interact more with the audience for the euphoria,” Oliv said. With the next Frijam in approximately two months from now, the audience hopes to see more improvements.

Overall, the improvement being made was clear. The vibe, venue, and performance were all done well to fit the theme “Nostalgia”. This month’s Frijam made the audience thrilled about the next Frijam.

Journalist: Gregorius Beryl S.S.

Editor: Sitti Aminah Intan Utami & Vonna Meisya Saputra (QC)

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