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Book Launching “Plymouth, I’m coming” by Alumunus English Letters of Sanata Dharma, Niken Purwani



Cilacap (29/04/ 2021) — “This book has the uniqueness of a non-fiction story that looks like a fictional story”. Inspiring e-book titled “Plymouth, I’m coming” by Niken Purwani was officially launched. The launching and book talk was held by Gramedia Cilacap through Zoom platform. This book is about the journey of a honorary teacher, Niken, that has reached her dream to be in the land of Big Ben without paying a dime.

“Plymouth, I’m coming” is Niken’s second book that was successfully published after her first book titled “Inspiring Classroom Stories”. Her second book has its own identity compares to Niken’s first book. This book is in the form of a memoir that is packed with light language.  “I want my message to be deliver easily that’s why I didn’t use hard dictions. Moreover I want to tell my story to reader as a friend”, said Niken.

The events consisted of testimonial, impression, and background story of the book. The event was attended by many of people from the principal of SMAN 1 Cilacap until the BIP (Bhuana Ilmu Populer) Publisher manager.  The launching was held by Gramedia Cilacap’s team in collaboration with BIP publisher.

“There are so many mixed emotions from humorous until touched when I’m reading this book, just like reading a fictional story” said Rika Setiati as a project manager in one of NGO. The story is not only on the fun side, but also contains the struggle of Niken as teacher accompanying her 2 students in an exchange program at other parts of the world. The book has become an inspiration, not only to her friends and students, but also to readers in general.

Harris Setiajid as the writer of foreword in this book said, ”This book is not only easy to read, but also has several crucial issues such as her role of a wife in east culture, as muslimah and as a non-civil servant teacher”. He also added that the book is represented three magic words: dream, believe and make it happen. Niken is brave enough to have a big dream even though she has many obstacles. However she is also believe that someday it will come true with perseverance. Then eventually her dream is come true.

Niken hopes that people who read her book can help themselves to achieve their dream, especially for people who want to study abroad as “Plymouth, I’m Coming” can give you some new insight. Lastly, she leave a message to her reader, “Don’t be afraid to have a high dream, just do your best and pray, there will always be a way”.


Reporter: Fatimah Fauziah

Author: Sara Immaculata Terra I

Editor: Michael Tan

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