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Celebrating Post Pandemic Situation through Play Performance: Moon at Noon 2022

The cast of Moon at Noon in the prologue scene singing “Another Day of the Sun” (taken by Ina Galuh Susetyawati)

Yogyakarta (28/06/2022) – “After two years separated by the pandemic and (also) all the virus issues, we’re finally coming back with a self-produced play performance, titled Moon at Noon 2022,” said Adriyan Frediyanto as the Head of Production in his opening speech.

Play Performance is an annual student project of the English Letters Department Sanata Dharma University initially conducted in 2016. Several titles have been performed ever since, including The Sound of Music, Mamma Mia, and Rent: Seasons of Love.

Unfortunately, last year’s play, Rock of Ages, was canceled due to the pandemic. This brought a great disappointment at that time and extra excitement for Moon at Noon 2022 as the audience had been waiting for a play performance comeback.

Mainly composed of the English Letters students batch 2018, Moon at Noon captured the experience of university students’ life during the COVID-19 pandemic. It aimed to raise the issue of mental health, togetherness, respect, and acceptance.

Through the self-liberation journey of Paul (Yohanes), Aryo (Yoga), Nadine (Shelitta), and Ms. Frida (Raffa), Play Performance 2022 encouraged the audience to be okay with being unique or “misfits” among other people. This is also shown in the title of the play itself, Moon at Noon. Accordingly, the Head of the English Letters Department, Drs. Hirmawan Wijanarka, M.Hum. mentioned that this was the possible reason why the performance was conducted in the afternoon, while it was usually held in the evening in previous years.

After approximately one year of preparation by the whole committee and the dilemma of whether or not to actually conduct the performance on-site, Moon at Noon 2022 was a huge success. A total of ten songs from Broadway and musical movies were performed by 14 talented actors and actresses. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. The plot twist at the end of the story also made some gasp with surprise and excitement.

The sound of handclaps from more than 450 audiences filled the Driyarkara Auditorium of Sanata Dharma University as the show ended. The performance also received affirmative responses from live chats on its Youtube stream, where some spectators said that Moon at Noon was way beyond their highest expectations. Another even requested for its casts’ version of songs to be recorded and published on Spotify.

“I hope this performance will be a starting point again for our yearly agenda,” expressed Mr. Hirmawan proudly in his speech.



Journalist: Agnes Seraphine

Editor: Desca Geovani Kristi & Cherry Larissa Hendranata (QC)

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