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Holes in the Roof of Ladies’ Restroom: Remain Unfixed

Ladies’ room roof condition (taken by Erica Rafaella)

As confirmed by one of the cleaning staff, the holes found in the roof of the ladies’ toilet, on the third and the fourth floor to be precise, have indeed been there for approximately five months ago until this day.

It’s no secret that some noticeable holes are located on the roof of some Faculty of Letters building toilet areas. At first, it was just a tiny hole, but later it turned bigger. Some students find this problem disturbing.

“This happened because of the perforated and porous roof,” Widodo, one of the cleaning staff at Sanata Dharma University, said. He added that General Service Bureau (BLU) already has a plan for the repairs, but it has not been implemented yet because the funds have not  been disbursed.

Porous roof, and in the corner, there is a hole in the roof  (taken by Erica Rafaella)

“I think this perforated roof is disturbing and can be dangerous as the roof might suddenly fall when someone is in the toilet,” Aurelia Abigail, one of the students of the English Letters Department from batch 2020, said.

Meanwhile, Eugenia, another student in the English Letter Department from batch 2020, thought that these holes were dangerous and made students uncomfortable. She shared that she had a personal concern regarding the possibility of hiding a hidden camera in the ladies restroom. She wished that this concern was taken seriously so the problem could be fixed sooner.


Journalist:Erica Rafaella & Valentina Pascalia

Editor: Desca Geovani Kristi & Ruth Tirza Arina (QC)

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