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STUDENT TALK EPS. 2: Sasing’s Job

Yogyakarta (18/04/2021) —Member of  HMPS Public Relations, Owena Zaneta said “Humas of English Letters have a new program called Sasing’s Job’’ Through the program, Humas invited and held a mini talk show with alumni and college students of English Letters to share information about their jobs, whether they were full-time or internships and the various challenges and problems they have experienced and how to deal with the problems job.

The purpose of Student Talk episode two is to provide information and an overview of the working world and the experiences from the alumni of English Letters. In other words, it aims to identify and strengthen English letters students, even during a pandemic situation where they cannot meet face to face and stay home. Thus, Student Talk is used so that the students of English literature can be dynamic and strengthen their friendship with one another, building an everlasting relationship that bemefits each other. Student Talk is also used to get information online between students of English Letters.

In taking the theme of the student talk program, it can take a theme outside of English Letters so that students of English Letters can get various topics, as well as inspiring information, as the Humas program is to educate students of English literature through the themes of the program. Owena Zaneta explained, “To carry out the Humas program, it takes one month to produce two themes’’.

The first reason why students and lecturers should watch a mini video talk show is because we should appreciate and support the hard work of Humas in English letters in implementing its work program which aims to educate students and lecturers of English literature through this Sasing talk program.

The last and most important reason why you have to watch the video mini talk show this program is because English Letters has a very interesting theme and of course can inspire, especially for English Letters students and also get very useful information, such as the theme, this time discussing different jobs. We as students of English Letters get direct knowledge from alumni about their experiences and problems in the world of work. So that after graduating from English Letters, we will at least have a little knowledge in the world of work. So what are you waiting for? Tune in to the video of this Sasing’s Job or you will miss out big time!


Reporter: Sara Immaculata Terra Istinara

Author: Fatimah Fauziah Gunawan

Editor: Michael Tan

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