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Let’s Survive Strongly with “Let’s Start It”

(ELMO’s Latest Single)

Yogyakarta (31/05/2021) – English Letters Music Organization, well-known as ELMO, launched their latest single titled “Let’s Start It”. Those who participated in this single are the members from batch ’19. Rizki Aziz Irfansyah Patra and Erika Karina Alyadinda Br. Purba are taking over the vocal position, while Samuel Aristo is the bassist. Ridho Al’piero – The chairman of ELMO – is also participating to be a lead guitarist and David Aristo, on the other hand, is the rhythm guitarist. The keyboard and drum position was taken by the same person, In Sola Fide. This team just made an epic harmonization.

“Let’s Start It” was released around early January this year – 2021. January 1 was for the Music Video – taken in CV CEMERLANG TERUS JAYA Warehouse – and the single itself was on January 29. For this masterpiece, ELMO was given one month at that time, and yes, they greatly managed to finish all the things related to this project only within 3 weeks. What a great teamwork!

The chairman of ELMO – Ridho himself shares with us that the reason behind the title “Let’s Start It” chosen was due to its relation with the meaning of the song. “It’s like a persuasion to start doing something and prove that we can survive strongly to fight and did not give up facing a situation like the one that’s happening now– pandemic.” He tries to explain how this song is relatable to what happens around us nowadays.

Ridho and all the ELMO’s members hope that the listeners will love this song and understand the meaning of the song. “Not to be biased, but if I, myself, wasn’t a member of ELMO and the single-making team, as a music lover I would have said things like “Wow… Not bad” or like “Magnificent!” something like that, as the right expression to describe how I feel about this single. TMI, in the process of making it, I talk with my inner self like “yeah you’re gonna love it” so I hope you guys too.”

ELMO hopes that this song can motivate those who listen to this single to take great action and survive during this hard time. As Ridho said before the closing, “We are allowed to cry, it’s okay, but just do not give up.” So, let’s start support ELMO by enjoying their music legally on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Napster, Claro Mùsica, and Shazam. Let’s start it!


Reporter: Michael Surya Dikdaya Pradipta

Writer: Winda Amelia 

Editor: Michael Tan

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