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EDS Sadhar take their wins in SEADC 2021

Yogyakarta (17-19/06/2021) — EDS Sadhar acquired several victories from SEADC (Student English Activity English Debate Competition) 2021 on June 17th – 19th 2021. They had managed to achieve several categories; among them are 1st Runner Up, Semifinalist, 3rd Best Speaker and Best N1 Adjudicator.

The delegates of EDS Sadhar prepared their performance in debate by doing intensive training. Natasya Mariana as one of EDS delegates said, “SEADC is one our NUDC delegates team training to prepare for bigger competition that is NUDC (National University Delegates Championship) by Kemendikbud RI. So, we have been practicing since April.”

SEADC was held during  Sadhar’s  final exam that become one of the challenge that they faced.  Moreover with SEADC’s British Parliamentary debate system, it brought more tension. However EDS Sadhar believe in “anything can happen in British Parliamentary debate” mindset that’s why they able to do their best in SEADC competition. Also with their perseverance in intensive training, EDS Sadhar succeeds to win. The win category and the delegates are:

1. Sanata Dharma A as 1st Runner Up

2. Sanata Dharma B as semifinalist

3. Krisantus Danu as 3rd Best Speaker

4. Natasya Mariana as Best N1 Adjudicator

By their win, EDS Sadhar’s desire in debate realm is seen. They have some motivation that drives them to always join debate competition. “Our motivation to join debate competition is to practice our critical thinking and to speak up especially for Sasing scholar. Moreover EDS Sadhar also want to make Sasing Sadhar proud.”, said Natasya.

Even though one of their dream has been achieved, which is to win during this hard time in this pandemic, they still have lots of dreams that they want to achieve in the future. They hope that EDS Sadhar will be able to join international debate competition such as UADC (United Asian Debate Championship) dan WUDC (World University Debate Championship).

Reporter: Fatimah Fauziah

Writer: Sara Immaculata Terra I.

Editor: Michael Tan

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Major Project of ELAC : ELUC

Yogyakarta (28/05/2021) – Members of ELUC Kartika Purnomo and Elfrisa Rismonita explains the meaning of ELUC. So, what is ELUC? ELUC is the main work program of ELAC. The program aims to hold a conference or seminar organized by ELAC. (English Letters Undergraduate Conference). As for this year’s conference, it was conducted through a zoom meeting due to the pandemic situation. Last year the conference only for central java range ” but this year it has become a national seminar which is open to the public so anyone can take part in this seminar. The participants are usually from high school and university circles this year will be held in September.

ELUC has many themes, namely what areas include English Language and Literature. example:

  • contemporary rules,
  • language and literature in the digital era
  •  Language and Literature in environmental issues

This year’s ELUC theme is about English language and literature as media of communication during pandemic, and there are sub-themes: language and translation, digital literature, language on online platforms, etc. This year’s theme puts more emphasis on digital literature.

The purpose of holding this seminar is to deliver or provide a forum for students to present academic expressions they understand about various issues in the fields of linguistics and literature. So ELUC is a forum that presents papers to express their work, an opinion or something new to the listeners, with the hope that the recipient of the information will get something new to develop and grow it into something broader to others.

The hope or goal of the ELUC committee for the future, namely Hopefully ELUC will have value for its participants, continue to have new insights on this year’s theme and provide broad insights. Especially because this year’s theme is “English language and literature as media of communication during pandemic”, hopefully it can change the way people think that they are hindered by this pandemic so that their communication is not always through social media but also through work. So their communication can be broad, not only via social media or telephone, but also their work.


Reporter: Sara Immaculata Terra Istinara

Writer: Fatimah Fauziah Gunawan

Editor: Michael Tan

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SMM New Project: Podcast

Yogyakarta (28/05/2021) -Valerianus Yudhistira Aldi Nugroho (184214043), Chief of String Movie Maniac (SMM) said, “We made podcast to replace fraternity night and weekly movie night program. We chose podcasts because it can be adapted to the current situation.” In addition, SMM also chose to make podcasts because it is simpler than making a YouTube video, accessible to anyone, and because there is indeed hype among young people. Through this podcast, Yudhis hopes that SMM members can share their opinions about movies with certain genres and also build more intimacy between members.

Currently, the podcast is managed by Film-making Division. In fact, the Film-making Division was in charge of filmmaking, but for a while the job shifted to podcast making. In addition, SMM members did not have the chance to adjust the current division because the shift of lectures from offline to online was quite sudden.

This podcast is published on SMM’s Spotify every 2 weeks. The link is Until now, there have been 5 podcast episodes that have been posted on different topics. Podcast topics are determined from the film genre and the Filmmaking Division can determine the topic for each episode. “There are about 5 episodes. Topic of the first episode was romantic movie because it coincided with Valentine. For the second episode, the topic was fantasy, the third episode was thriller, the fourth episode was Sci-Fi, and the last one was Horror.” said Yudhis. The podcast itself was temporarily paused by the staffs because it coincided with the midterm exam.

String Movie Maniac does not target this podcast for certain circles. Podcasts that contain movie reviews are intended for the general public. However, for now, this podcast is still spread among students of English Literature at Sanata Dharma University only. Yudhis hopes in the future, this podcast can be heard by the wider community as well. Promotion of the podcast itself, Yudhis as the chief said that the plan will be carried out regularly through Instagram by all SMM administrators so that it can be distributed properly to the general public.

Because this podcast has not been distributed to the general public, the listener response itself is still not optimal. Yudhis also added, “Maybe because we use English too, sometimes it is still stiff and the delivery of the content is still lacking.” In addition, because lectures are still running online due to the pandemic, monitoring the program is also more difficult than offline.

Yudhis as the Chief of String Movie Maniac for the 2020/2021 period also hopes that this podcast will continue until the next stewardship period, and they can make new division in charge of managing podcasts. For his own stewardship period, he has a goal of publishing 12 podcast episodes and is now moving on to the sixth podcast which will be uploaded in the fourth week of June. “For my period, I’m targeting 10-12 episodes. I also hope this podcast will continue, he further added, this plan also depends on the new chairman. If this continues, hopefully a special division can be formed which handles podcasts.” he closed.


Reporter: Nathaniel Alvino R. Prima 

Writer: Theresia Paskah Prastiti 

Editor: Michael Tan

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Let’s Survive Strongly with “Let’s Start It”

(ELMO’s Latest Single)

Yogyakarta (31/05/2021) – English Letters Music Organization, well-known as ELMO, launched their latest single titled “Let’s Start It”. Those who participated in this single are the members from batch ’19. Rizki Aziz Irfansyah Patra and Erika Karina Alyadinda Br. Purba are taking over the vocal position, while Samuel Aristo is the bassist. Ridho Al’piero – The chairman of ELMO – is also participating to be a lead guitarist and David Aristo, on the other hand, is the rhythm guitarist. The keyboard and drum position was taken by the same person, In Sola Fide. This team just made an epic harmonization.

“Let’s Start It” was released around early January this year – 2021. January 1 was for the Music Video – taken in CV CEMERLANG TERUS JAYA Warehouse – and the single itself was on January 29. For this masterpiece, ELMO was given one month at that time, and yes, they greatly managed to finish all the things related to this project only within 3 weeks. What a great teamwork!

The chairman of ELMO – Ridho himself shares with us that the reason behind the title “Let’s Start It” chosen was due to its relation with the meaning of the song. “It’s like a persuasion to start doing something and prove that we can survive strongly to fight and did not give up facing a situation like the one that’s happening now– pandemic.” He tries to explain how this song is relatable to what happens around us nowadays.

Ridho and all the ELMO’s members hope that the listeners will love this song and understand the meaning of the song. “Not to be biased, but if I, myself, wasn’t a member of ELMO and the single-making team, as a music lover I would have said things like “Wow… Not bad” or like “Magnificent!” something like that, as the right expression to describe how I feel about this single. TMI, in the process of making it, I talk with my inner self like “yeah you’re gonna love it” so I hope you guys too.”

ELMO hopes that this song can motivate those who listen to this single to take great action and survive during this hard time. As Ridho said before the closing, “We are allowed to cry, it’s okay, but just do not give up.” So, let’s start support ELMO by enjoying their music legally on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Napster, Claro Mùsica, and Shazam. Let’s start it!


Reporter: Michael Surya Dikdaya Pradipta

Writer: Winda Amelia 

Editor: Michael Tan