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In the college events committee dynamic, the blurred line between friends and colleagues can confuse many of us. However, experiencing both relationship types simultaneously may lead us to more meaningful lessons. Let’s take a look at these three common issues in college events’ committees related to friendship and professionality and how we can overcome them.

There is

an immense relief

and an eye-opening belief

in the saying:

As confirmed by one of the cleaning staff, the holes found in the roof of the ladies’ toilet, on the third and the fourth floor to be precise, have indeed been there for approximately five months ago until this day.

It’s no secret that some noticeable holes are located on the roof of some Faculty of Letters building toilet areas. At first, it was just a tiny hole, but later it turned bigger. Some students find this problem disturbing.

Yogyakarta (4/13/2023) – Since the hall’s renovation began at Campus I Sanata Dharma University, demolitionists’ activities near the parking area have been a hassle for both staff and students. 

Because of the limited parking space, students have to get clever to park their vehicles in the temporary spot. Although there is a basement parking spot, it is usually reserved only for cars and those who come earlier to claim their spot. This causes quite a ruckus among those who come late to the Campus I parking spot.

Yogyakarta (15/04/2023) -The first Bincang Alumni & Malam Keakraban of the Faculty of Letters are held in Driyarkara Auditorium, Sanata Dharma University. As a celebration form of the 30th anniversary of the Faculty of Letters, this event is held under the grand theme of “Peran Sastra dalam Menjawab Perkembangan Zaman”.

Sanata Dharma University. The slogan ‘smoke-free campus’ which prohibits smoking in the campus area becomes controversial among the members of Sanata Dharma University who smoke and do not.

A non-smoker student from batch 2020 stated, “I disagree with the smoking ban regulation on campus because there are many students and staff who have smoking habits to relieve their stress and fatigue.” This student then suggested that smokers should be given a designated smoking area with the purpose to let them smoke freely without disturbing the non-smokers on campus.

Sanata Dharma University. Since the library’s bag policy was re-implemented on the 13th of February, 2023, many students still bring their bags instead of leaving them at the locker station. The staff also no longer imply the regulation strictly. 

Many students admit that the bag policy could be more convenient. Rio Ardian Sanjaya, a regular visitor of the USD library from the English Letters Department batch 2021, complained, “The bag policy is actually good so that we can be transparent about what we bring. However, for students like me who bring many things, such as a laptop, its charger, phone’s charger, earphone, mouse, books, (when) I move them to the library’s bag almost every day, isn’t it tiring?”

The story I am about to tell you is a tale of tragedy. 

A wise man once said that there is a thin line between loving and obsessing over someone. To this day, we still can’t figure out the difference between the two. I have seen too many people become insane because of love. A pure white-as-milk love became tainted with an obscure purple-as-Hyacinthus obsession.

The story I am about to tell you is a tale of tragedy. 

A wise man once said that there is a thin line between loving and obsessing over someone. To this day, we still can’t figure out the difference between the two. I have seen too many people become insane because of love. A pure white-as-milk love became tainted with an obscure purple-as-Hyacinthus obsession.

The noon on March 11, 2023 was clear, and the day went well from early morning. There was not a single notification of bad weather or other potential natural disasters. Hence, the group of linguistic students from Sanata Dharma University and Hong Kong University and I headed to Mount Merapi to close our week with a Lava Tour.

Yogyakarta (27/03/2023) – The first Friday jamming (Frijam) of 2023 was held by the English Letters Music Organization (ELMO) on the 24th of March. It took place at Sunset Coffee & Eatery with “Nostalgia” as their main theme. Being the first ever event of the year, ELMO Frijam has greatly improved compared to the previous one.

This is NOT a shout out

for not sleeping

Yogyakarta (18/03/2023) The first-ever Book Sharing discussion was held by Literature for Children and Young Adults (LYCA) Reading Club on March 17, 2023. Seventeen (17) people participated in the conversation which took place in S. 304. The theme of the book sharing was “Book Treasure“. 

I close my eyes

When all I want is to cry

The silent ambience of the void is blooming

Voices in my head starts to be gloomy

Yogyakarta (11/03/2023) – The annual activity “Sastra Gives Back” strikes back this semester from February 25th to March 18th. Held in Sanggar Anak Alam, Kasihan District, Bantul Regency, DI Yogyakarta, 40 volunteers took turn each week to teach elementary school students English language from first to sixth grade.

Stealthily, the time is sneaking

Performing its duty

Today is a beautiful day. Nice weather, but I questioned, is it beautiful because of the weather or the event that happened in my life lately that makes my day wonderful?

Wake up with things in the right place

Hear a clunk of stuff from downstairs

Are you tired of watching the same old anime with the same old isekai and rom-com genres? Then, prepare to rock out with Bocchi the Rock! Follow the life of the timid and introverted Hitori Gotoh, aka Bocchi, on her adventures and struggle to form her own band. Along the way, she meets new friends such as the kind-and-friendly Nijika Ijichi, the eccentric Ryo Yamada, and the sociable yet cheerful Ikuyo Kita. Will they succeed in forming their band, and can they pull off their first concert?

Yogyakarta (15/10/2022) – After SEO Fighters and UI/UX Fighters Webinar, here comes the peak of INTEGRITY’s annual event: Journalispeak 2022 Seminar. Under the theme of “Content Marketing: Grabbing Audience’s Attention through Content Copywriting”, the seminar was held on-site in Koentjono Room, BAA Building, Campus II, Sanata Dharma University.

Yogyakarta (02/11/2022) – The end of the year is near and the time has come for the UKPS Award 2022. The event was held in room S. 302 and attended by approximately 40 students who represent the members of MIBA Division HMPSSING 2021/2022, the new cabinet of HMPSSING 2022/2023, and all representatives of the English Letters Students’ Activity Units.

/Song playing in the background/

*/Neath a faulted sky, cross loamless plains, and watered blight/

/Ah, were gone those days, once glory shone so brightly?/

/Fallen neath baleful wings dark as night

I live in a white box, surrounded by nothing in it. I do not see anything, I do not hear anything, and I speak nothing. Everything in this box is pure, halcyon, serene, and empty. I keep walking, and walking, and walking mindlessly. 

As the world slowly recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic, classes have started to return to in-person lectures, and businesses started recovering, the story goes the same for ONE OK ROCK, a Japanese rock band formed in Tokyo, Japan, in 2005.

It’s sunny outside, perfectly perfect weather to go on a picnic. She drives herself to a land full of white sands, a land where the waves excitedly greet her from the farthest horizon, a land where hermit crabs hide. She drives herself to a land where her dad is welcomed and peacefully rested.

“Uni’s been great, right?” 

General Sheltron had meant it as a mere small talk starter, between unpacking the take-out food to the plates. But to his surprise, Aster’s eyes and voice light up. “Dad, how could it not?!”

When the sky looms in darkness

When mind lost all its sharpness

On behalf of the old Heaven,

I woke from a deep slumber.

Integrity, the monthly online magazine of the English Letter Department, has been working on getting an ISSN number for the past few months. ISSN (International Standard of Serial Number) is an eight-digit number that identifies a publication, whether it is through printed media or electronic media. ISSN works similarly to ISBN (International Standard Book Number), but ISSN is used for periodical publications such as magazines, websites, newspapers, and journals.

In celebrating its 29th anniversary, Sanata Dharma University’s Faculty of Letters held a festival seminar with “Literature and Digital Transformation” as its theme. The first day of the festival was held on 4 April 2022 from 11.00 to 13.00 WIB and was followed by the second day on 11 April 2022 at the same time.

In the series of its 29th Dies Natalis celebration, the Faculty of Letters Sanata Dharma University hosted the second “Literature and Digital Transformation” webinar via Zoom Meeting on April 11, 2022, at 11:00-13:00 WIB

He was born deprived of strength, deaf, and unable to speak, but he has a dream to become the “Rank 1”. That is the description of the character “Bojji” from the anime series “The Ranking of Kings”.

Literary for Children and Young Adults (LCYA) Reading Club held the 4th online book discussion on 12 March 2021. This discussion raised a book by Katherine Applegate titled “Wishtree” as the discussion material. This discussion was held in Zoom and attended by 40 participants.