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Sastra Spotlight Vol. 1:The Shine of The Rising Star

The performers and crew of Sastra Spotlight vol. 1 (taken by: Farrel, documentation section of Sastra Spotlight vol. 1)

Sastra Spotlight, the first-ever platform for literature enthusiasts under the Lit Collective Community first formed in May 2023 at the Beringin area Student Hall, Campus I. Sanctuary of Unease was chosen to be the theme of the Sastra Spotlight held on June 9, 2023. The topic encourages people to communicate their discomfort, anxiety, and other challenging emotions that they have felt safe and confident enough to share.

Angel Tevina Santoso, the Vice Person of the Lit Collective community, stated, “This event was made as a safe place for participants to express themselves in any form, and we hope that many people will appreciate literature more and the future events will run smoothly.” At this event, the atmosphere was enjoyable and informative, which made the attendees’ enthusiasm for literature grow just as the hope of the community.

Alexander Deska Pedestrian, one of the performers, described the event’s surroundings as energetic but added that everyone who participated in it—both audiences and performers—applied appropriate restraint to ensure nothing untoward occurred. The Sastra Spotlight Vol. 1 crew did a great job planning the event so that everything went well and was enjoyable.

Seanpaul Lapudooh, one of the performers, performed spoken word poetry “Hope” in Sastra Spotlight vol. 1 (taken by: Farrel, documentation section of Sastra Spotlight vol. 1)

The event opened with special performances by ELMO and Bengkel Sastra. The performers enlivened the event with their performances. The performances ranged from spoken word poetry, poetry reading, story-telling, and monologues, to musical performances, which added a colorful way to express themselves. Moreover, there was a “Tirta Session”, which allowed anyone to leave anonymous stories later read by the MC, adding to the event’s excitement. 

The performers displayed their best selves, and the whole thing was thrilling. “This is an excellent forum for people who have a passion for literature so they can express themselves. Our hope is never to stop pursuing what makes you happy, no matter how difficult it can be,” said Sean Lapudooh, who performed a spoken word poetry titled “Hope” at the event. 

In the event, the audience was free to show their support, took some documentation, and were allowed to munch in addition. They were even suggested to swing by the Elite Fundraiser tenant to grab some snacks and drinks while watching the performance. Along with the presence of the students, several lecturers joined in attending the performances and enlivening the audience’s mood.



Journalist: Erica Rafaella 

Reporter: Dulce Cicilia Sariri

Editor: Yohana Satvika Wahyuveda & Ruth Tirza Arina (QC)


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