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Journalispeak 2023 Guides Young Writers Against Clickbait and Misinformation

Mr. Simon Arsa Manggala (Vice Head of the English Letters Department) & Dulce Cicilia Sariri (Master of Ceremony) on the stage of Journalispeak 2023 taken by Erica Rafaella

September 23, 2023 – The annual Journalispeak has finally returned in 2023, with this year’s topic being “Beyond Clickbait: Countering Misinformation Through Responsible Journalism.” This year’s Journalispeak aims to teach young and upcoming journalists to understand the dangers within the world of clickbaiting and how it can misinform people around them.

Not only that, Journalispeak 2023 discussed some interesting matters that are currently circulating in the world of journalism and the consequences of clickbaiting. With the media constantly battling each other to get more clicks per rate on their pages, more media are mass-producing inaccurate information that may have consequences for those who read the article and digest the information.

Journalispeak 2023 answered the questions and even provided theories on why clickbait is getting more common in today’s era. 

Many participants were interested in the topic of this year’s Journalispeak. Some participants asked questions such as “How can I identify clickbait easily?” “Will my boss realize that I have made clickbait in my article?” and “What consequences will people receive upon breaking the rules and committing clickbait?”

Gregorius Beryl (Chairperson of Journalispeak 2023) is giving the certificate of appreciation to Mr. Ahmad Mustaqim (Honored Guest of Journalispeak 2023) in the Journalispeak 2023 stage. Picture taken by Erica Rafaella

An interview was also conducted, and we asked the Chairperson of Journalispeak 2023, Gregorius Beryl, some of his thoughts regarding this year’s event. One important question we asked was about this year’s theme and why it was chosen for this year. He explained: “We chose this topic because, in the digital age, there is lots of misinformation being spread through the internet. So, we decide to use this as the topic is that we, as journalists, have a grasp on what kinds of clickbait are and go back to the basics of becoming a responsible journalist.”


Journalist: Putu Beryl Putra Widyadhana

Editor: Nanda Pratama Putera Tomasila, Vonna Meisya Saputra (QC)

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