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The Increase of Indonesia’s Smoking Habit

The smoking habit of Indonesians has increased from year to year. In fact, the level has reached an alarming level. This increase occurred because there were still many people who did not understand the health risks of consuming tobacco (smoking). This is a fact that must be seriously realized and brought upon at all levels of society in order for the masses to understand, realize, and have the desire to be able to stop smoking.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, the prevalence of smokers increased by 9.3%, from 27% in 1995 to 36.3% in 2013. That means that 20 years ago one in three Indonesians were smokers, but now, there are 2 smokers in 3 Indonesians. This situation is even more worrying, because the proportion of female smokers also increased from 4.2% in 1995 to 6.7% in 2013. What is even more worrying is that the smoking habit is also increasing among the younger generation. The data show that the prevalence of smoking among adolescents aged 16-19 years has increased from 7.1% in 1995 to 20.5% in 2013. From the data above, it is clear that smoking has a very negative impact on health. Because, smoking is one of the factors that have a big impact on health. Smokers have two to four times the risk of developing heart disease, and a higher risk of developing lung cancer and other diseases.

There are many factors that cause the increase in the number of smokers in Indonesia. dr HM Subuh, General Director of Disease Prevention and Control, Ministry of Health, said there are 3 main reasons why the number of smokers in Indonesia are increasing. The first is a lot of cigarette advertisements, the second is the easiness of buying cigarettes, and the last is the cheap price of cigarettes. Advertisements issued by cigarette companies can be seen everywhere, from television to posters and billboards on the highway. In addition, many tobacco companies are often the main sponsors for music and sporting events. The number of advertisements has made Indonesian’s adolescents want to try cigarettes. Easy access to cigarettes is also the reason for the increasing number of smokers in Indonesia. Since cigarettes are sold so widely, children and teenagers can easily buy them. This is exacerbated by the cheap price of cigarettes which makes it easy for Indonesian teenagers to buy cigarettes.

Based on the various reasons above, it is very clear that the increase in the number of smokers in Indonesia is very dangerous for the future of the nation. This is because smoking has a detrimental effect on health, which has an impact on reducing the quality of children and the new born generation. The quality reduction of this generation has resulted in continuous duping and poverty from generation to generation throughout history, which will get even worse if it is not quickly and seriously addressed.

Author: Atanasius Davin Evan Yesa Pratama


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Did you know that genes influence every inch of ourselves, including our sleeping habits?

One of the most crucial things to do for the sake of human health is sleep. Good quality sleep affects not only our health but also our quality of life. However, not every person in this world has the same time of sleeping. Our body has its own biological clock known as a chronotype. Chronotype schedules our sleep and wake times at a particular time which also influences our circadian rhythm or sleep-wake. Related to this, some people could be either an “early bird” or a “night owl” depending on their chronotype. If a person tends to wake up early in the morning and sleep early in the evening then the person is an early bird. A night owl, on the other hand, means someone who goes to bed late at night and wakes up late in the afternoon or even in the evening. So, we can say that early birds and night owls have very distinguishable differences.

In the first place, we will talk about an early bird person. The first difference, as mentioned before, is wake and sleep time. Early birds tend to sleep and wake up earlier, which is very different from night owls that tend to sleep and wake up late (grammar, para. 3). Because early birds start the day very early in the morning, they are likely to be more active during the day and more productive as well and this is the second difference. Early birds can complete more things than night owls because early birds start a day earlier, thus they have more time to do things and finish the job. There was a proverb that was written in a book entitled A Compleat Collection of English Proverbs by John Ray released in 1670 or 1678, it said, “The early bird catcheth the worm.” (Ray, 1670 or 1678). That is why many people said that early birds are more likely to be more successful. Another difference between early birds and night owls is health issues. As early birds go to the bed and wake up earlier, they are naturally to be more mentally healthy and this is supported by the study from the Aachen University in Germany. The study concluded that early birds have more white matter in the brain than night owls, hence this makes early birds far from schizophrenia and depression (Yovita, 2019, para. 7 and 9). Research published in Nature Communications in 2019 also promotes this thought (MasterClass Staff, 2021).

The second one is a night owl. A night owl has a different bedtime from an early bird and this is the very first difference between a night owl and an early bird. Unlike early birds who like to go to the bed early, night owls prefer to go to the bed late at night and wake up later. Therefore, they are more active at night and this serves as the second difference (grammar, para. 2). The third one, People may say that ‘the early bird gets the worm’, but night owls, in fact, are smarter and more creative than early birds. This thought is supported by research done by psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa. The result showed that night owl have a higher level of intelligence than early birds (Chu, 2017, para. 3 – 5). Besides being smarter, owls are also more creative since the night makes the brain able to think more creatively idea,s and this is proven by professor Marina Giampietro, a researcher at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Miami (Chu, 2017, para. 11 and 12). Next is related to health issues. Opposite of early birds, night owls have less white matter in their bran, thus they are more prone to depression, schizophrenia, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and addictive habits. Those are the effects of social jet lag, the phenomenon when a night owl must labor against their body clock to adjust to conventional working hours (MasterClass staff, 2021).

If your family is a night owl or an early bird, then you might as well be one of them depending on what your family is.

To sum up, sleeping is very important in our life, but not everyone has the same sleeping hours. Someone’s sleeping habits depend on their chronotype and this is genetic. A person can be either an early bird or a night owl depending on the DNA that runs in the family. An early bird and a night owl person have several significant differences, such as bedtime, productivity, intelligence, creativity, and health issue. Something to remember, being an early bird does not always mean that you will be more successful than a night owl, and vice versa, being a night owl does not mean you are a failure and cannot be successful. Everyone has an equal opportunity to become a successful person regardless of whether they are early birds or night owls.

Author: Liethasia 


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Indonesia’s Herb, Spices, and Healthy Lifestyle

Indonesia has a lot of healthy herbs and spices that are now being used by many peole and even more especially because of the pandemic.

Since a long time ago, many countries have come to Indonesia to buy herbs and spices because Indonesia’s herbs and spices are known for their richness. Indonesia has such rich and high-quality herbs and spices such as cloves, nutmeg, peppers, cinnamon, ginger, etc. That is why foods in Indonesia are flavourful. The high-quality of the spices means there is also a price, herbs and spices were very expensive back then. The European traders were obsessed, thus it became many food’s ingredients around the world. Indonesia’s richness can be proven by Maluku as the biggest producer of cloves and nutmeg specifically from Banda Island as the best nutmeg producer in the world. Indonesia and India are two countries with the most extensive paper plantations in the world, Indonesia has around 116,000 hectares of pepper plantation. Besides, herbs and spices are used for many things. Spices are commonly used for cooking, cure sickness, to warm our bodies. Human health with herbs and spices is a perfect combination, there are plenty of benefits of herbs for the body. For example, consuming one garlic clove per day lower the risk of cholesterol, heart disease. Chilli peppers keep the blood vessels healthy, ginger helps the digestive system also warm the body and has calming effect. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels and lessens the possibility of getting diabetes. Barus, North Sumatra has 300 herbs that can heal around 116,000 hectares of pepper plantation. Besides, herbs and spices can be used for many things. Spices are commonly used for cooking, cure sickness, and, warm the body. For example, consuming one garlic clove per day can lower the risk of cholesterol and heart disease. Chilli peppers keep the blood vessels healthy, ginger helps the digestive system and can warm the body and has a calm effect. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels and lessens the possibility of getting diabetes. Barus, North Sumatra has 300 herbs that can heal around 118 types of physical illnesses. The history of Indonesia’s herbs and spices led Indonesia to become the world’s herbs and spices commodity. Europeans wanted herbs and spices directly from the source. Therefore, in 1512, the Portuguese went to Nusantara, specifically to Ternate Island. At that time, Ternate and Tidore were in a bad place thus the Portuguese supported Ternate and expected them to give back their herbs and spices. In 1512, Spain came and supported Tidore against the Portuguese. That is how Spain got the spices. Eventually, there was a war between the Portuguese and Spain, the Portuguese with Ternate, resulting Portuguese’s loss and then they left Nusantara. The Dutch and VOC came to Nusantara, Batavia (now Jakarta) and made Banda Island the trading centre of VOC for nutmeg spices. The power of herbs and spices shows when the British came to Nusantara, wanting to take the spices but the Netherlands did not let that happen, causing the British and the Dutch to fight each other. The Netherlands even destroyed all the nutmeg trees so that the British could not have it. The war ended in 1667 by signing The Treaty of Breda. The British smuggled out the nutmeg seeds from Banda Island and then planted it on their other colonies in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Singapore, and Grenada. This ended the Dutch monopoly of nutmeg. There is also a route called the spice route, traders from around the world use this route to trade herbs and spices. Not only herbs and spices, a lot of cultural exchange also happened in spice routes such as religion, food, and language. This is how herbs and spices in Nusantara became the world’s herbs and spices commodity. People are already aware of Indonesia’s herbs and spices richness and their benefits for human health, which made Nusantara a superior commodity in the past, later become popular these days because of the pandemic. They are usually for cooking ingredients for the daily life, but most people now believed in the impact of herbs and spices for our health.

Coronavirus came to Indonesia in early March announced by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. When this happened, a lot of people were panicking because coronavirus affects many aspects on people’s life. One of them being their lifestyle, people drastically shift their lifestyle from their usual into a healthy lifestyle to prevent the virus. Healthy lifestyle needed especially because of the virus. There are plenty of things that became popular in Indonesia because of the pandemic strikes, one of the examples is the increased usage of herbs and spices because herbs and spices are known as immunity boosters. Besides, it can be found anywhere in the market, some sellers sell them at much cheaper prices and that is probably one of the reasons why people consume herbs and spices in this situation since the economy is in decline. You can even plant your herbs and spices at your house, might as well make them your new hobby during the lockdown. Researchers from Professor Nidom Foundation (PNF) in Pasuruan invented a coronavirus preventer using herbal medicine as the basic ingredients (Hartini, 2020). In 2019, export volume in the agricultural sector skyrocketed to 4,18 million tons, not to mention the volume after the new normal phase. Kinds of herbs and spices that are now commonly used for healthy living are ginger, turmeric, curcuma, lemongrass, cinnamon, orange peel, etc. Ginger or red ginger to be more precise has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, meanwhile, coronavirus causes inflammation symptoms in the lungs. This means ginger’s anti-inflammatory effect could work for the virus. As additional information, ginger can also warm your body. In turmeric, there is an antibacterial and anti-virus substance called Lipopolysaccharide. Curcuma can improve our immune system, people usually blend Curcuma, turmeric, and ginger. Other than an immunity booster, lemongrass is also used for detoxification to prevent increasing cholesterol. In the other hand, garlic can be useful to fight viruses such as influenza A, B, HIV, pneunomia, and rhinovirus. Something that can be found easily but is very useful for the body is orange peel, orang peel has 3 times more vitamin C than the actual fruit. Polyphenol antioxidants that are in the orange peel are also important for immune system. Either boil it with water or in a powder form then brew it like a coffee. Another alternative is to drink jamu, jamu is a herbal medicine in a liquid form that is made from various natural ingredients. Few people might not like jamu because some jamu has a bitter taste, despite the bitter taste, jamu has a lot of benefits. Some jamu that contain ginger or turmeric that can help to boost the immune system are Jamu Presiden (contains ginger water, turmeric, lemongrass, palm sugar, curcuma).

The numerous of high-quality herbs and spices in Indonesia supports people’s moves to start a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle does not have to be expensive, ecause Indonesia has the best source of traditional herbs and spices that is way cheaper than modern treatment. It is rare for young people these days to consume traditional herbal medicine, so it would be a good example for other people too if you start to consume traditional herbal medicine. It will also help the economy of herbs and spices farmers around Indonesia if more people consume it. Other than that, there are still a lot of herbs and spices in Indonesia that have not been developed by scientists which may be useful for human health. This pandemic is a moment for our country to think more creatively so that people can be more independent in the future.


Author: Ilen Atine Gusti



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Both Online shopping and offline shopping have the same purpose, which is to get items that we want, fulfil our needs and desire to shop, and to relax and relieve stress. However, online shopping has far more advantages than offline shopping. So, what makes them so different? There are several points that lead to these differences. Examine the differences of online shopping and offline shopping by looking at the time consuming, variety, and prices.

Talking about the time it takes, “When shopping online, you will not have to plan a trip to your nearest shopping centre. All of the information is available to you. You can proceed to do shopping within a short period” (Retail Minded, 2020, para. 3). Online shopping also helps you save time searching for the items you are looking for, as all the information you need is in your device. You can search anything you want while sitting in you couch. In contrast, offline shopping requires you to go to a store to buy your item, which will take time to be there. Not to mention the traffic, routes, distances and also another trip if the store does not have the item that you are looking for.

In terms of variety, online shopping makes you able to look at a lot of kind of items. Your choices are not limited by supplier or brand. You can look up any kinds of items and any brand that you like. While in offline shopping, your choices are limited by what the store provided. Which gives you a fewer selection of items. Thus, makes it really hard for you to look for the item that you really wanted. “A large traditional brick-and-mortar shoe retailer offers at most a few thousand distinct varieties of shoes. However, as we will see, an online retailer may offer over 50,000 distinct varieties.” (Quan and Williams, 2017). This has become one of the reasons why people most likely to shop online when they looking for something they wanted. They can give fewer efforts and have bigger selection to find the right item. The amounts of items that are provided in online shopping is one of the biggest advantages against the offline shopping.

Lastly, online shopping provides cheaper prices than offline shopping. Most people find that when they compare the price in the online shop and offline shop, they often find that online shop gives lower price for the same item. Thus, making them chose to buy it online. “Finally, another very important aspect of any shopping experience is trying to save as much money as possible. One reason that people enjoy online shopping is that you can often find a product more cheaply online than you can in stores.” (Bagla, 2017). Also, online shop sometimes gives discounts and coupons. These discounts and coupons are what attracts people to buy their items. So not only that they will save time and efforts, they will also pay less for the items they wanted. In contrast, offline shop usually gives normal price in their products. Which gives the costumer no motivation and desire to buy the item.  This difference is also what makes people more interest to buy items online.

In conclusion, online shopping and offline shopping have their own characteristics and purposes. Even so, based on the evidence, online shopping is much more advanced than offline shopping. People are getting more and more interested and more comfortable with online shopping instead of having to leave the house to buy something they wanted. They can save their time from driving around the city. They can also relax, see more products and choices, also choose prices that suit them without the need to hold a cash to pay for their items.


Author: Yehezkiel David Maruli Sigalingging 



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Starting from The Simple: Angelin Libert W. H.

Starting from an interest in the beauty of make-up since childhood, Angelin Libert showed perseverance to make this art into a hobby. Angelin said “When I was in kindergarten, I often wore make-up on Kartini’s Day and joined the marching band. Since then I really like makeup because I feel ‘wow this thing seems magical’, as it can show another side of myself.” Angel didn’t think that this simple attraction would make her fall in love with make-up like she is now.

Her love for make-up, of course, went through many processes. She has an interest but doesn’t fully intend to learn makeup back then. “Before, I didn’t have the desire to learn make-up yet because I only bought the make-up I needed, such as cheap lipstick so my lips wouldn’t be dry and pale.” she thinks that make-up is only a necessity for a better appearance before, but now, she thinks that makeup is art

It is because make up exists with a touch of art as we can pour ideas on our faces that become canvases. Starting from upgrading the daily make-up, Angelin began to dare to formulate ideas. “I used to get makeup in high school and from my observations it didn’t suit me. The makeup that was given didn’t match my skin tone. Some didn’t even blend perfectly. That’s when I started to know that makeup doesn’t only mean applying products on the face, but it also requires technique and feeling, just like art.”

From there she learned that makeup is not only to beautify herself but also has another side that can be explored. She then started to get inspired by the many makeup influencers who made masterpieces on their faces. When playing with makeup, Angel prefers to create unique looks. She prefers a touch of horror that gives off a strong aura. Through one of the horror looks she made, she won first place in the creative makeup looks competition at the English Letters Class Meeting 2020.

However, she also often encounters some difficulties when it comes to makeup. “I once had bad experience applying eyeliner, even to the point of spending 4 hours. But I didn’t give up until I could finally make good eye makeup. Even now I’m still learning a lot, to the point that I often spend a lot on products to make one makeup look.”  She told me that one of the keys to being able to learn makeup is the desire to learn. Angel hopes that those who have the desire to learn makeup will not give up and always have the desire to try. Start by making simple daily looks, then if the results are satisfactory then look for references to formulate more complex ideas.

Angel has some tips for those of you who are still learning to make looks, “Start by buying affordable makeup products because when we learn makeup, we will keep trying until our expectations are met and it definitely requires a lot of products to use. Affordable makeup products also have a light formula so it will usually be suitable for beginners. Some products have low prices but good quality, especially the product formulas that are easy to apply. That will make it easier for us to learn makeup. it always starts from the simplest.”

Journalist: Winda Amelia

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Breast Cancer & Unhealthy Lifestyle

Breast cancer is one of the deadliest form of cancer. It can happens when our breast forms a cell that grows abnormal. In general, breast cancer is more common in women but it does not rule out that men can be possibly have this cancer. Many factors trigger the growth of breast cancer in our bodies, this happens when we continue to live unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, consuming alcohol, and not paying attention to healthy food intake.

First, smoking has become one of the causes of breast cancer. Both women and men are familiar with smoking, even adolescence can consume more than two cigarettes a day. Smoking can cause a significantly increased risk of breast cancer for those who started smoking in adolescence. In general, breast cancer attacks in women. 14% women who had ever smoked were more likely to develop breast cancer than those who had never smoked (Rosenberg, 2017). Drg Rahmi Amtha, MDS. Sp.PM, Ph.D., chairman of the Indonesian Association of Oral Medicine Specialists said that cigarette contains hundreds of carcinogens. Carcinogens are a substance that encourages cancer. This substance worked in the body by changing the metabolism of the cells or destroy the DNA of the cells directly, it will cause cell mutations that interrupt normal biological processes in the body (Rafiqua, 2020). When people had a smoking habit, it means that there are so many carcinogens in their bodies. The more cigarette we smoke, the more good cells will change become malignant cells. That is the reason why smoking can cause breast cancer, smoking not only give an effect on our lungs but the contents of cigarettes, especially the carcinogen will spread to the body cells. When the body cannot control it, it will raise a tumour and then become cancer, one of which is breast cancer.

Second, consuming alcohol. Nowadays, consuming alcohol has become more common and even becomes a lifestyle. The youth push themselves to adopt a lavish and viral way of life. Without us realizing, alcohol becomes a way to unite some people. Alcohol makes for greater social status also improved friendship,  that is why so many people try to consume alcohol such as wine, beer, and booze. Some of them try to consume alcohol only to be cool with their friends. On the other side, some people also consume alcohol because they felt stress or depressed. Women are mostly at risk of developing breast cancer as women who consume alcohol 15 gram / 1, 5 glass per day get 34% breast cancer risk. The content of alcohol damages the DNA in the breast, it will increase the oestrogen hormone and other hormones that are connected to breast cancer. People who consume alcohol after giving birth, their breast cell system more resistant to cancer.  In fact, there are many people consume alcohol at young age. In America, there are 270 thousand cases and 55 thousand cases in England, which happened because a woman did not realize that alcohol can arise breast cancer. According to the research of a doctor from Washington, dr. Ying Liu, an adolescent who consume alcohol carries 7-10% breast cancer risk for one glass of alcohol that they consumed (Fitri, 2018, para. 5).

Third, one of the lifestyles that encourage breast cancer is unhealthy food. It cannot be denied that junk food becomes a favourite for some people. The taste is just irresistible for some people, as they overeat on eat junk food. Hamburger, pizza, spaghetti, hotdog, fried chicken, steak, and other junk foods, all of them contains a preservative that will be buried in our bodies. So why people still consuming junk food? The reason why people eat junk foods because they are simple and practical, people who do not like to cook will order some food by online. They also extracted by promotion or discount that the restaurant offered. That way makes people forget to consume a portion of healthy food, like vegetables and fruit. In fact, behind the delectation of junk food, they keep the grease in the body. Sandra Haslam, lead researchers from Michigan University, said that, not only obese people get cancer but the increases in greases from junk food increases breast cancer (Scribbr, n.d.). If people continue to consume junk food, they will keep greases in their bodies. There are two types of greases, good grease and bad grease. And what is produced from junk food is bad grease, which means it will increase cholesterol level and produced cells cancer.

Thus, as it can be seen, breast cancer can arise due to an unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking habits, consuming alcohol, and unhealthy food. We can start to change our lifestyle to avoid breast cancer, not only breast cancer but also keep our body in order to stay healthy.


Author: Titisari Sasmita 


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Gorgeous Makeup for college girls with: Stella Estee

Attractive appearance nowadays can be said to be a must for girls. In applying makeup, especially when they enter college, women start to learn a lot about using makeup for the campus and tips for daily makeup. Stella Estee, English literature 19, is happy to share her experiences in daily makeup. Stella Estee started to do makeup when she was in high school. She was motivated because many girls can use makeup and can look very beautiful.

Thus, began her journey to learn to do makeup.

It turns out that Stella Estee began to discover her talent in the world of make-up, which eventually becomes her hobby until now. She has also made money from winning several make-up competitions. She usually uses the Korean style for going to college because it will look fresh and young for her makeup. The cosmetics used usually only consists of concealer, cream blush, eyeliner lip balm, and lip tint. Her favourite of all parts of the face when in makeup is the eyes because they alone can make women look much attractive. It is recommended to use bb cream around the bottom of the eyes to cover dark circles.

Tips And Tutorial for Daily Looks

  1. Apply BB cream as a makeup base. Choose a BB cream with a matte finish or according toyour skin’s needs. And apply more BB cream on the part of the face that needs more coverage. However, use it as naturally as possible so that it doesn’t seem overdone or uneven skin tone.
  2. Do contouring on the face. Blend using a brush on the cheekbones and blend in a circularmotion on the chin.
  3. Use eye primer on the eyelids to make the makeup stick more and not fade quickly. In thistutorial, she also applies her eye primer to cover the dark circles under the eyes.
  4. Next, it’s time for you to shape your eyebrows. Draw eyebrows using an eyebrow pencilfollowing the shape of your eyebrows.
  5. After applying the eyebrow pencil, for makeup on the eyelids, you do not have to use eyeshadow. You can use the same product and color as you apply.
  6. Eyeliner only on the outer corner of the eye by forming a short line.
  7. Finally, apply lip tint or lip cream

Furthermore, Estee also highly recommends others interested in cosmetics to not forget to use skincare because it is very influential on your facial health. It’s also advised not to use makeup when your face has acne. Her recommendation also touched upon cosmetic brands that she often uses, namely Maybelline and Emina.

Journalist: Fatimah Fauziah Gunawan 

Editor: Michael Tan