Creative Writings Poem





The silent ambience of the void is blooming

Voices in my head starts to be gloomy

Thy voices starts rumbling

Preventing me from feeling your beauty


I am one with the void

True ego suffers for no one

I am the one you can’t avoid

True menace saving no one


Clarity after clarity I’ve been through

Sanity after sanity I’ve seen through

But all I found is just a liability

Do I really have the capability?!


It feels like everything is nihil

Pointless, pointless, and pointless

It feels like I’m in denial

Reckless, reckless, and reckless


I just want to swim inside of you

The void, that I worship

I just want to be inside of you

Voices, that I perceive


Maybe, just maybe, I can be happy

Leaving my soul, drowning with me

Deep in silence or where should I be?

Maybe, just maybe, I can just sleep in eternity.






Author: Sultan Mahesadewa

Editor: Yohana Satvika Wahyuveda, Ruth Tirza Arina (QC)

Illustrator: Kenar Syalaisha Kanayana

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