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The Crescent Moon

It’s sunny outside, perfectly perfect weather to go on a picnic. She drives herself to a land full of white sands, a land where the waves excitedly greet her from the farthest horizon, a land where hermit crabs hide. She drives herself to a land where her dad is welcomed and peacefully rested. 

Taking out the carpet, she sits down, facing a rounded black-and-blue birthday cake with 18 candles.

“Dada, your little girl now meets friends in college, starts to have a crush on one of her classmates, stays up late at night doing homework, and is stressed about grades. Changes still feel awkward for me after you left. Often at night, when my day isn’t going well, I cry. But Dada, you know? Neither your fingers through my face nor your arms surrounding me, it is the pillow that holds my tears, it is my blanket that embraces me,” she whispers through the wind.

“I’m no longer a little girl, but I still need you day after day.” 

The candles have gone out, and tears are running down her cheeks.

I watch her from a distance. The last time I saw her clothed in tears was just a month ago. She was covered in black and hugged the frame of her father tight.

“Carla! Watch out! The waves are chasing after you, baby.”

“Vruhh,” she’s late. The waves had already kissed her knees, and she was losing balance, falling and kneeling on the sand. 

“Oh NO, Dada, please help me! I can’t get myself up. I’m stuck and covered in sand.”

A six-foot man in a light blue T-shirt rushed to approach and lift her daughter. Everyone could tell that he was a good father. You could never see his eyes while talking to his five-year-old daughter. His blonde hair was shining well under the sunlight. He carried Carla on his shoulder and ran to chase the wind. From afar, you could see that Carla also has a half-moon shape in her eyes while smiling. It’s probably passed down from her dad. Many would name it eye smile, a phenomenon of your eyes that would form an adorable crescent moon shape while smiling.

I smelled her happiness spread like a fragrance in the air that day. However, today, sadness goes really far and leaves a hole in her heart. I can’t stand this, so I do some magic for her. I let her see the scene from 13 years ago when she and her dad had a lot of fun in this place.

If you wonder how I may use my magic, here’s the secret—a leaf. I let one of my leaves flies onto her lap, transferring her to that moment. 

“Daddy, is that you?!” Carla is surprised to see her father. She tries to reach her father’s hand, but she can’t.  

“Hi, sweetie, how are you doing? I miss you a lot. I wonder if you have already forgotten me. But I know you will come to visit me one day, just like what you did today. Dear, life may not go as you wish, but just like the sun that rises every day, like the waves that would come endlessly, like footprints that will always follow your steps, my love would never let you be alone. Goodbye may never be easy. I trust and believe that I have already given my all to you. Now that you can survive in this world, I am proud of you,” her dad talks in silence, but Carla can listen to it clearly.

Shedding in tears, she replies. “Dad, it felt like you were going away and leaving me all alone. I am scared of changes. Just thinking I must go on my own. I am not confident yet without you by my side. I struggle more than I ever imagine. Thank you for letting me know that you would never let me go through my life alone. I wish you would always be there, just like my footprints. When I have new semesters, meet new classmates, and face a new society, I would challenge myself to be braver.”

“That’s my baby, Carla. You are doing great and always would. Dear, it’s time for you to live your dream. Though this pandemic can take me away from you, never let it take away your dream. Fight against it, and be ready to open a new chapter. It might be completely new and feels unfamiliar at first. Trust me. It may help and let you step out of your comfort zone. Child, here comes the time for you to let me go. This is the first chapter you need to close,” Carla feels her dad’s hand reaching hers this time, begging her. 

“When I see you later, I promise to tell you my exciting story, Dad! I promise to make you proud of me” Carla prepares her heart, and this time, she can let her father’s hand go.

“There’s a time when you must be brave and keep moving on in life.” I write so on a leaf and fly it once more onto Carla’s lap. As soon as she read it, I could finally see the crescent moon in her eyes.  

The End

Author: Fernisya Abellya / 214214025

Editor: Arih Oviana Putri Kusuma, Fransiskus Nino Boby Laksono (QC)

Illustrator: Maria Angelica Chrysanti

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