Creative Writings Poem

A Perfect Day for Me

Wake up with things in the right place

Hear a clunk of stuff from downstairs

Sounds so busy I wonder

Turns out it is my lover

I realize, they just ran a marathon

Calling me over to eat some croutons


Their sweat, the kitchen mess, and the breakfast they baked

It clicks to me as my sleepiness fades

We eat some and hang out

Out for a date, just us two

Forgetting there are others in this world

Since my mind is enticed with the thought of being with you


Having our favorite lunch at our favorite place

Then out for some desserts and games

Strolling around the grocery aisle

Until suddenly, we’ve had heaps of items

That we unconsciously took for each other

Because we know what each other like


We get home and magically turn the groceries into dinner.

Just joking, we cook it, of course, together

And eat it, also together

As we play our music

And have a conversation that I cherish


That’s my perfect day

It’s filled with you

Because you sound romantic

You feel romantic

You that is yet to become my reality


But at least for now, I can picture it

How it went inside my film reel mind

With each minute, not being wasted

Waiting for this scene to be played

As it is, after all, my perfect day

Author: Gregorius Beryl S.S.

Editor: Siti Aminah Intan Utami, Ruth Tirza Arina (QC)

Illustrator: Ajeng Suci Hati

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