Creative Writings Poem

On Behalf of the Old Heaven

On behalf of the old Heaven,

I woke from a deep slumber.

I plunged into the freezing-flowing river.

I smelled the fragrance of the whitish walls, the brownish planks, and the greenish plants.

Tastes of the old heaven, for the last time. 


Bygone is the presence of guidance.

Bygone are the times of gleefulness.

Bygone is the archaic self-of-me.

Bygone are the heralds of great feasts.

Bygone is the old heaven.


Here I am, now, gazing into the new void.

Uncoloured, with a splash of cold, jagged aura surging. 

Unknowns of grand-scale looming.

Time sides with its own ending.

I see neither comfort nor heaven.


Here, the safe rectangle of despondency.

Here, I rest my old beings.

Here, a reverie of I, flourish.

Still, the fragments of old heaven stand tall.

I remember, and will always remember. 

On behalf of the old heaven

I will craft a new heaven. 

I will smear anew the void.

Woe to the thoughts that belittle me.

For I will, on behalf of the new heaven, walk with valour.

Author: Abiel Merari / 214214177

Editor: Desca Geovani Kristi, Cherry Larissa Hendranata (QC)

Illustrator: Betsy Mariana Agoha

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