Volume 2


Only I Know


I close my eyes

When all I want is to cry

But I lost my voice

Tryna take a real breath



Sungu and His Given Tasks Part. 1


The story I am about to tell you is a tale of tragedy. 

A wise man once said that there is a thin line between loving and obsessing over someone. 

How do you know if your love is pure or not? Unfortunately, I don’t have an accurate answer to that question. But, I think we could learn one or two things from Sungu’s story as he tried to prove how strong and deep his love was by doing tasks given by two mighty deities.


Seeing Merapi’s “Cough” From Close Distance, Fortune or Misfortune?


The noon on March 11, 2023 was clear, and the day went well from early morning. There was not a single notification of bad weather or other potential natural disasters. Hence, the group of linguistic students from Sanata Dharma University and Hong Kong University and I headed to Mount Merapi to close our week with a Lava Tour.



ELMO Frijam March 2023: Nostalgia Night


Yogyakarta (27/03/2023) – The first Friday jamming (Frijam) of 2023 was held by the English Letters Music Organization (ELMO) on the 24th of March. It took place at Sunset Coffee & Eatery with “Nostalgia” as their main theme. Being the first ever event of the year, ELMO Frijam has greatly improved compared to the previous one.

(Not) A Shout Out

This is NOT a shout out

for not sleeping

seven days in a row

and still surviving.


LCYA Reading Club’s: The 1st Ever LYCA’s Book Sharing


Yogyakarta (18/03/2023) The first-ever Book Sharing discussion was held by Literature for Children and Young Adults (LYCA) Reading Club on March 17, 2023. Seventeen (17) people participated in the conversation which took place in S. 304. The theme of the book sharing was “Book Treasure“. 


The silent ambience of the void is blooming

Voices in my head starts to be gloomy

Thy voices starts rumbling

Preventing me from feeling your beauty



Sastra Gives Back: Back to Serves the Community


Yogyakarta (11/03/2023) – The annual activity “Sastra Gives Back” strikes back this semester from February 25th to March 18th. Held in Sanggar Anak Alam, Kasihan District, Bantul Regency, DI Yogyakarta, 40 volunteers took turn each week to teach elementary school students English language from first to sixth grade.


Stealthily, the time is sneaking

Performing its duty

On the art of killing

Murdering beauty





The Life of the Cattle


Today is a beautiful day. Nice weather, but I questioned, is it beautiful because of the weather or the event that happened in my life lately that makes my day wonderful?

As a hardworking man, my efforts are finally paid off. I get the chance to leave the countryside because my job promotion takes me and my fiancée moving to town. I imagine a nice urban area where a life of dreams and success usually resides. It’s nice and also sad to leave this place. I will miss the fresh air once I get in town.



A Perfect Day for Me


Wake up with things in the right place

Hear a clunk of stuff from downstairs

Sounds so busy I wonder

Turns out it is my lover

I realize, they just ran a marathon

Calling me over to eat some croutons



Bocchi The Rock! Review


Are you tired of watching the same old anime with the same old isekai and rom-com genres? Then, prepare to rock out with Bocchi the Rock! Follow the life of the timid and introverted Hitori Gotoh, aka Bocchi, on her adventures and struggle to form her own band. Along the way, she meets new friends such as the kind-and-friendly Nijika Ijichi, the eccentric Ryo Yamada, and the sociable yet cheerful Ikuyo Kita. Will they succeed in forming their band, and can they pull off their first concert?

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