Creative Writings Poem

The Bell of Spring

The wind of youth breezed in softly

Accompanied the flower buds that screamed loudly

“My time has come!

Let the efflorescences arrive!”


All of the immaturity swayed away

Let the sleepers revived

The harbinger of spring had been burgeoned

A single bud appeared shyly


There it was, the white one

Showed its buds tenderly

Oh, the snowdrops!

As white as the clouds

As verdurous as grasses


People said she was a warrior

Bearing the winter in solitude

A child of Demeter

Sister of Persephone


Her arrival was like a bell

Echoing the fall of winter

Bending her petal

Her smiles tender



Author: Dulce Cicilia Sariri

Editor: Yohana Satvika Wahyuveda, Ruth Tirza Arina (QC)

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