Flash Fiction

One Day In My Life

Unforgettable. The thing that I’m going to tell you really is the one I couldn’t ever forget.

One day, I was walking back and forth in the hall waiting for the bell to ring. I was nervous and afraid. On that day, the whole class would be having lunch together but I only brought an empty lunch box. I was afraid that Mrs Johnson would scold me in front of the class. That morning, I did not have my breakfast. I could not help my family by working since I was only 10. So, I did what I could do and that was to eat once a day. My mother, who was working for US$10 an hour at McDonald’s, was struggling to pay for my father’s medications. Not only that, she also had to pay for me and brother’s school fees. I did not notice how long I got worried and then the bell rang and it was time for the first class to start.

When the class started, I couldn’t help but think about eating some bread. I was very hungry. But then I remembered that at the corner of Orchard Road and Scott Road, there was a Mrs Field’s*. I thought to myself, ‘During recess, I’m gonna go there. Who knows they will be giving away samples and I’m gonna get some shares then I’ll be full by the time I get back!’

When the bell of the recess rang, I immediately went out of the classroom and left the school area. I got only twenty minutes so I ran as fast as I could to the corner of Orchard Road and Scott Road. It took me five minutes to get there and I was right! I saw the owner of the bakery was giving away samples in her store.

On purpose, I walked carefully in front of the store, pretending that I was interested. With a big smile, I asked the nice lady, “May I have this?” The lady smiled and gave it away to me with pleasure. She said, “Sure! Please take it!” to which I replied, “Thank you!”

The cookie tasted very yummy! It was a mini cookie but I liked Mrs Field’s and I was very hungry! I walked past the store for a few steps and finished off the cookie in no time. But I was still hungry… so, I thought I would walk to the store again to get another cookie. I was a little embarrassed to do this but I had no choice since I was still hungry.

So, I turned and headed back to the store again. I gathered my courage and asked the nice lady, “May I have this again?” Honestly I couldn’t believe myself when I did it the second time but she smiled at me and handed me one mini cookie once more and again I thanked her.

And just like before, I walked away as I ate the cookie. When I finished it, I was still hungry. I thought to myself, ‘Maybe, I could ask for one more time and then I’d go back.’

Again I walked up to the lady that was still standing and giving away samples. This time, I didn’t dare to look at her while saying, “Ma’am.. May I?” I was too afraid she might scold me. However, she smiled at me and gave me three mini cookies! Unthinkable, she was so kind. She was really an angel. I looked at her gratefully while saying, “Thank you so much, Ma’am.”

As soon as I got the cookies, I finished them off and I ran quickly going back to the classroom.

When I got to the classroom, I was lucky to find Mr Hay had not shown up yet. So, I went to the sink and drank some water to make sure that I would not be hungry until today was over. After that, I went to the classroom and waited until Mr Hay came in.

When Mr Hay came in, my heart was pounding because when his class was finished, it would be lunch time with Mrs Johnson and my lunch box was empty. Time flew by too fast. An hour had passed and the bell rang indicating it was lunch time.

Everybody took out their own lunch box and put it on their tables. I saw everybody was chatting and laughing while they dug in what was in their lunch boxes. I was too embarrassed and scared at the same time. I was so sure Mrs Johnson would scold me in front of the whole class. I wanted to cry but I could not do that here. So, I went to the sink near the stairs. I splashed water over my face and drank a lot of water from that so that my stomach would not groan when everybody was eating their lunches. 

I saw Mrs Johnson walking to the classroom and I immediately went back to the classroom. I saw everybody was looking at me and in that instant I thought to myself, ‘they know’. Then I proceeded to sit down and opened my empty lunch box only to be surprised when there were some grapes, an egg, and a sandwich. I looked at my friends who were looking at me with smiles on their faces. I did not know who put them all in my lunch box but I was so happy. ‘Friends are indeed a family’, I thought.


Author: Riska Karina S

Editor: Ulfah Rizqiningtias

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