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Liveliness from Passion: Reyna Qotrunnada Salsabillah

Yogyakarta, (05/08/2021) —As part of English Literature 2020, Reyna Qotrunnada Salsabillah is a student who actively participates various activities in campus. On this occasion, Reyna shared her experience of participation in campus activities such as Class Meeting 2020 and took part in big events such as Insadha 2021. Reyna have ambition to participate in activities that had a wide range that utilize her own passion.

Reyna has her passion in arts, especially in music and singing. Thus, she decided to join Siesen in Insadha 2021. Her goal joining Insadha 2021 is to be able to sing jingle songs which is sung by many students in campus. Not only that, earlier in her freshmen year, Reyna also participated in the song cover competition during Class Meeting 2020 and she won the competition that made her class feel proud. Her other hobbies when she has free time are reading books, watching movies, listening to music to add a lot of vocabulary. Outside of campus activities right now she is taking in her friend short films’ project as a scriptwriter and also taking part in the selection of soundtracks.

Of course, participating in various activities in campus and outside has advantages, such as having many friends and relations as well as gaining knowledge which is very precious and useful for the future. But also campus activity and her outside activity can be really hectic. Even though she is very busy, she also said that she’s lucky to have her friends near her “I’m very grateful to have many friends who always support and worry about her health because she joined many activities on campus.”

Her next goals in campus activities are that she wants to explore Sanata Dharma more. Explore all activities and people to find new experiences, friends, and knowledge. She also wants to bring something positive for Sadhar, whether from small things like my singing activities or later maybe other activities. Reyna still wants to attend big events outside campus to find new experiences and knowledge despite the pandemic. In the end, she clearly stated that she will not be leaving her academics behind, as it is as important as her desire to have her music & her work noticed and remembered well on campus.


Reporter: Sara Immaculata Terra I.

Writer: Fatimah Fauziah

 Editor: Michael Tan

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