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The Important Things in Running a Business: Andra Febri Aura

Since high school Andra (194214166) has been helping his father in running his family’s aquarium decoration business. Their shop named ‘Bang Jo’ sells many types of aquarium as well as other things such as sands, rocks, wood decorations, and many more. The shop earns approximately 5 million rupiahs per month.

According to Andra, there are three important things to do when running a business.

The first one is patience. In running a business, patience is very important. “We don’t know what kind of customers we get. So controlling emotions is very important,” said Andra. Besides dealing with customers, there are times when the incoming orders are out of control, either very much or not at all. So patience is the key to business success.

The second important things is finding connections. Social media has an important role in finding connections to get the best materials from suppliers. Andra uses the Facebook group to find supplier connections. He said, the downside of using social media to get connections is not being able to know the quality of the goods clearly, so to ensure the quality, he must go to the supplier directly. However, on the other hand, with social media, these connections are easier to obtain.

The final step is promoting and advertise. Once again, social media plays an important role in the business. He uses Facebook to advertise his shop. “For hobby items, Facebook has the best marketplace,” said Andra. He uses a Facebook group to advertise his product. He said in general, every times he post something in the group he could bring up to 25 customers.

In conclusion, according to Andra, there are three important things in running a business, namely patience, connection, and promotion. Patience is important to deal with customers and order conditions. Finally, to get connections and do promotions use social media as effectively as possible.

Journalist: Michael Surya D.P

Editor: Michael Tan 

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