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How does men dress up in English Letters? : Adrian Febriyanto

English Letters USD’s students are quite famous for their unique and bold fashion sense. Due to the non-strict regulation of dress code in this department, many of their students expressed their own self through fashion style. Adrian as one of English Letters USD also believes that the advantage of being part of this department is to be able to have the freedom of speech and act. The unique thing about fashion in English Letters department, it isn’t only for women. There are also a lot of men seen dressed up in this department.

In this interview, Adrian explained how men’s fashion has changed drastically especially from the Age of Conformity (1950s) to nowadays. From the age where everything seems just black and white and also conservative to the age where there are a lot of options for men to explore. He said, “now men’s fashion has changed and it’s getting wider, men can wear anything they want and no longer have to show his masculinity, they can wear skirts, crop tee and so on as long as it makes them comfy”.

However, in Indonesia, society still views men’s fashion as showing masculinity to look cool. Adrian believes that Indonesia has double standard in men’s fashion for example when Jefri Nichol wore skirts in his IG, people seem fine in the comment section.  But then, when non-celebrity men using the same things like skirts, people tend to judge or be sentimental about it.

Adrian believes in the principle that fashion is genderless. “Fashion can be worn by anyone without seeing their gender especially in 2021 right now everything has changed. Men can wear skirts, pearl necklace or even crop tee, heels and the otherwise, women also can wear jeans, tuxedo, hat, pantofel” he said.  He also stated that the stigma of fashion boundaries between men and women has low-key faded.

In the relation to the freedom that English Letters student has, Adrian believed that fashion in the department has no boundaries. He said, “EL students have the perks to dress up as we want and no one will judge you”. Adrian always expresses himself through fashion, even when he goes to campus (before the pandemic). He explained his own fashion as something that makes him comfy. “I always buy something oversize, either clothes or pants, because I really like when it looks loose when I wear it, and I always see what occasion that I head to”. Adrian always prepared his outfit to campus the night before. “I always prepare my outfit to be variative and make an extra effort to it, because whenever I did this, it makes me more excited to go to campus”.  

Adrian’s campus outfits mostly consist of t-shirt rather than collar shirts. But not only with a basic t-shirt as he mixes and matches it with other accessories such as Balinese cloth, collar, and tote bag. For the bottom, Adrian’s go-to is boyfriend jeans. The point is every day has to be different, may add some details or change the details.  

For hangout after the class outfit, Adrian has several tips. Start with the top, try to wear a basic tee that could be oversize or the fit one. Then mix it with boyfriend jeans and for the footwear, use converse 70’s. For the details you can also add a necklace and ring but, if you want to wear anything else that are more suitable for you are also suitable. “, if want to wear a skirt and crop tee, that is amazing as well, because when you are confident anything you wear will look totally cool”.

Most of his stylish outfit, he got it from IG thrift shops. “I highly recommend you to buy on thrift shop especially on IG. No need to buy something expensive because from the thrift shop u can get cool clothes, pants, and stuff”.  He recommended several of his go-to stores: @fuckyeahendy, @vaga3ond, @_dindayasmin, and @davidguison. 

At the end, Adrian believed that the most important thing is to be yourself and don’t think about someone’s opinion, just be comfortable in your own style. “Find your own style and when you think it is cool wear it because your uniqueness is something that you should be proud of and just ignore what people think,” he said.


Journalist: Sara Immaculata Terra I.

Editor: Michael Tan

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