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HOMESTAY: ‘H’ in Homestay Stands for Happiness

“Homestay” is a melodrama supernatural movie released in 2018 directed by Parkpoom Wongpoom. This movie tells the story of a boy named Min (James Teeradon) who should discover death in 100 days. The 100 days will change his life forever because he didn’t only discover what’s behind that death, but also the bigger things.

“Homestay” is a movie that maybe wouldn’t deliver a direct meaning of serendipity, but that feeling will intensely evoke through the series of events in Min – the main character – ‘s life. His story reminded us that happiness can be found anywhere and anytime in an unexpected way, even in the most critical time.The story is about a teenager – 18 years old – who was in the hospital during a rainy day and met some strangers that turn to be his guardian. They are trying to tell him that he is just a spirit who promised a new body to live in – Min’s body, for one condition. He should live in that body like he stayed in a homestay for 100 days and have to discover the reason behind the owner’s suicide.

“Homestay” might felt heavy as it contains a mixed timeline and multi-layered story. It might not be suitable to fulfill the leisure, but this movie is worth watching as it serves amazing cinematography and great execution to the plot. This movie invites us to be concentrated and pay attention to the tiniest details because it gave clues. Little things like how the character has a girlfriend, how he has a grumpy brother, and an affectionate mother – it all wrapped so well in every scene, which turns to deliver a value about little happiness around him and turns to be a piece of serendipity.

Min probably hate the fact about how complicated to live a life in this homestay, but then he realized there are so many things to be grateful for. At the end of the story, he turns himself to say, “Thank you so much for this gift.” He can find the happiness he had been looking for the rest of his life during the time in homestay though he’s not intentionally seeking it. It was serendipity for him to know those precious little things that can make him the happiest he had ever been.

“Homestay” gain more kudos as not many Asian movie productions are brave enough to take this kind of sensitive issue – mental health for teenagers. As the director himself said that this movie intentionally would like to tell how we should value all the time in this mortal life we live – our “homestay” in this world. Why? because from that time, maybe we will find something precious that we never expected to exist before, such as happiness. This movie highly recommended for the teenager, especially those who have struggled to live. But before you watch this film, make sure you pay attention to some ‘trigger warnings’ such as graphic visual of suicide, self-harm, divorce, and other disturbing contents that might be contained in this movie. If you think that you are ready enough to watch this movie, enjoy the movie!


Journalist: Winda Amelia 

Editor: Vincenzo Halim 

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