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The Age of Adeline (2015)

Directed by Lee Toland Krieger, The Age of Adaline (2015) is an American romance fantasy movie following the story of a girl named Adaline (Blake Lively), who stops aging at the age of 29. The movie unfolds with the phenomenon of her immortality, starting from the day during a snowstorm when Adaline’s car crashed into a lake and causing her to drown and freeze to death in the cold lake. Suddenly, a lightning strike revived her and caused her body to stop aging from that moment onward.

In the world where most people search for the secret for everlasting youth, receiving the gift of immortality without looking nor wishing for it surely becomes a blessing for those who were given the rare chance. However, this is not the case for Adaline who has to live on the run, moving out every now and then and changing her identity in order to hide from the authority who longs to unveil the secret behind her immortality. 

Who wouldn’t be curious of the impossible  though, even Adaline herself dedicated an entire year to study her condition, hoping to find an answer that might help her to age again, but her effort resulted in nothing while all the life around her keeps aging. Her dog has had for many generations accompanied her and when her own daughter becomes older than her, she has to call her own daughter “mother” in public. The pain from feeling like a fugitive and the fact that she might outlive her own daughter makes her close any possibility for romance.

Using a scientific approach to narrate her condition, this documentary-like movie embarks the journey of Adaline who closed her heart decades ago to stop running away for good from making commitment and trusting people who love her. The outstanding performance, as well as the  cinematography with the shocking plot twist drives us on the edge of our seat, rooting for Adaline’s happiness.

From Adaline we learn the lesson that opening our heart to those who cared for us can turn out better than we previously imagined. If we have enough courage to face our problem, we will find ourselves in the position we never knew we actually needed.

Journalist: Ervina Aimee

Editor: Ulfah Rizqiningtias

Pic: Google

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