There are dreams, desires, hopes
Hidden in every human heart; our deepest hearts.
Who wants life to be forever a struggle?
Neither you nor me,
The more I encounter happy people
The more I, too.
Crave happiness.

I sometimes find myself in a valley
Yes… in a grave,
Behind clouds,
Then I wish if only I could fly,
Move to the top of the mountain
Dreams of being over the moon.

Runaway? Turn around?
I get stuck.
If I can become what I wish to be
Then what will that mean to me?

When rain is deluging down
It doesn’t mean clouds envelop the world
It doesn’t mean it will dampen my heart.

I know, if I can let go
Ambitions, worries, and fears
I became my true self
Me, just as I am.
Precious and loved by God.

While the sun shines, if you happened to realize
Love the present as you wish it to be.


Author: Sr. Sofiyanti 

Editor: Ivana Belinda 

Illustrator: Gigih Satrio Baskoro 

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