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Breast Cancer & Unhealthy Lifestyle

Breast cancer is one of the deadliest form of cancer. It can happens when our breast forms a cell that grows abnormal. In general, breast cancer is more common in women but it does not rule out that men can be possibly have this cancer. Many factors trigger the growth of breast cancer in our bodies, this happens when we continue to live unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, consuming alcohol, and not paying attention to healthy food intake.

First, smoking has become one of the causes of breast cancer. Both women and men are familiar with smoking, even adolescence can consume more than two cigarettes a day. Smoking can cause a significantly increased risk of breast cancer for those who started smoking in adolescence. In general, breast cancer attacks in women. 14% women who had ever smoked were more likely to develop breast cancer than those who had never smoked (Rosenberg, 2017). Drg Rahmi Amtha, MDS. Sp.PM, Ph.D., chairman of the Indonesian Association of Oral Medicine Specialists said that cigarette contains hundreds of carcinogens. Carcinogens are a substance that encourages cancer. This substance worked in the body by changing the metabolism of the cells or destroy the DNA of the cells directly, it will cause cell mutations that interrupt normal biological processes in the body (Rafiqua, 2020). When people had a smoking habit, it means that there are so many carcinogens in their bodies. The more cigarette we smoke, the more good cells will change become malignant cells. That is the reason why smoking can cause breast cancer, smoking not only give an effect on our lungs but the contents of cigarettes, especially the carcinogen will spread to the body cells. When the body cannot control it, it will raise a tumour and then become cancer, one of which is breast cancer.

Second, consuming alcohol. Nowadays, consuming alcohol has become more common and even becomes a lifestyle. The youth push themselves to adopt a lavish and viral way of life. Without us realizing, alcohol becomes a way to unite some people. Alcohol makes for greater social status also improved friendship,  that is why so many people try to consume alcohol such as wine, beer, and booze. Some of them try to consume alcohol only to be cool with their friends. On the other side, some people also consume alcohol because they felt stress or depressed. Women are mostly at risk of developing breast cancer as women who consume alcohol 15 gram / 1, 5 glass per day get 34% breast cancer risk. The content of alcohol damages the DNA in the breast, it will increase the oestrogen hormone and other hormones that are connected to breast cancer. People who consume alcohol after giving birth, their breast cell system more resistant to cancer.  In fact, there are many people consume alcohol at young age. In America, there are 270 thousand cases and 55 thousand cases in England, which happened because a woman did not realize that alcohol can arise breast cancer. According to the research of a doctor from Washington, dr. Ying Liu, an adolescent who consume alcohol carries 7-10% breast cancer risk for one glass of alcohol that they consumed (Fitri, 2018, para. 5).

Third, one of the lifestyles that encourage breast cancer is unhealthy food. It cannot be denied that junk food becomes a favourite for some people. The taste is just irresistible for some people, as they overeat on eat junk food. Hamburger, pizza, spaghetti, hotdog, fried chicken, steak, and other junk foods, all of them contains a preservative that will be buried in our bodies. So why people still consuming junk food? The reason why people eat junk foods because they are simple and practical, people who do not like to cook will order some food by online. They also extracted by promotion or discount that the restaurant offered. That way makes people forget to consume a portion of healthy food, like vegetables and fruit. In fact, behind the delectation of junk food, they keep the grease in the body. Sandra Haslam, lead researchers from Michigan University, said that, not only obese people get cancer but the increases in greases from junk food increases breast cancer (Scribbr, n.d.). If people continue to consume junk food, they will keep greases in their bodies. There are two types of greases, good grease and bad grease. And what is produced from junk food is bad grease, which means it will increase cholesterol level and produced cells cancer.

Thus, as it can be seen, breast cancer can arise due to an unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking habits, consuming alcohol, and unhealthy food. We can start to change our lifestyle to avoid breast cancer, not only breast cancer but also keep our body in order to stay healthy.


Author: Titisari Sasmita 


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