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Starting from The Simple: Angelin Libert W. H.

Starting from an interest in the beauty of make-up since childhood, Angelin Libert showed perseverance to make this art into a hobby. Angelin said “When I was in kindergarten, I often wore make-up on Kartini’s Day and joined the marching band. Since then I really like makeup because I feel ‘wow this thing seems magical’, as it can show another side of myself.” Angel didn’t think that this simple attraction would make her fall in love with make-up like she is now.

Her love for make-up, of course, went through many processes. She has an interest but doesn’t fully intend to learn makeup back then. “Before, I didn’t have the desire to learn make-up yet because I only bought the make-up I needed, such as cheap lipstick so my lips wouldn’t be dry and pale.” she thinks that make-up is only a necessity for a better appearance before, but now, she thinks that makeup is art

It is because make up exists with a touch of art as we can pour ideas on our faces that become canvases. Starting from upgrading the daily make-up, Angelin began to dare to formulate ideas. “I used to get makeup in high school and from my observations it didn’t suit me. The makeup that was given didn’t match my skin tone. Some didn’t even blend perfectly. That’s when I started to know that makeup doesn’t only mean applying products on the face, but it also requires technique and feeling, just like art.”

From there she learned that makeup is not only to beautify herself but also has another side that can be explored. She then started to get inspired by the many makeup influencers who made masterpieces on their faces. When playing with makeup, Angel prefers to create unique looks. She prefers a touch of horror that gives off a strong aura. Through one of the horror looks she made, she won first place in the creative makeup looks competition at the English Letters Class Meeting 2020.

However, she also often encounters some difficulties when it comes to makeup. “I once had bad experience applying eyeliner, even to the point of spending 4 hours. But I didn’t give up until I could finally make good eye makeup. Even now I’m still learning a lot, to the point that I often spend a lot on products to make one makeup look.”  She told me that one of the keys to being able to learn makeup is the desire to learn. Angel hopes that those who have the desire to learn makeup will not give up and always have the desire to try. Start by making simple daily looks, then if the results are satisfactory then look for references to formulate more complex ideas.

Angel has some tips for those of you who are still learning to make looks, “Start by buying affordable makeup products because when we learn makeup, we will keep trying until our expectations are met and it definitely requires a lot of products to use. Affordable makeup products also have a light formula so it will usually be suitable for beginners. Some products have low prices but good quality, especially the product formulas that are easy to apply. That will make it easier for us to learn makeup. it always starts from the simplest.”

Journalist: Winda Amelia

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