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Gorgeous Makeup for college girls with: Stella Estee

Attractive appearance nowadays can be said to be a must for girls. In applying makeup, especially when they enter college, women start to learn a lot about using makeup for the campus and tips for daily makeup. Stella Estee, English literature 19, is happy to share her experiences in daily makeup. Stella Estee started to do makeup when she was in high school. She was motivated because many girls can use makeup and can look very beautiful.

Thus, began her journey to learn to do makeup.

It turns out that Stella Estee began to discover her talent in the world of make-up, which eventually becomes her hobby until now. She has also made money from winning several make-up competitions. She usually uses the Korean style for going to college because it will look fresh and young for her makeup. The cosmetics used usually only consists of concealer, cream blush, eyeliner lip balm, and lip tint. Her favourite of all parts of the face when in makeup is the eyes because they alone can make women look much attractive. It is recommended to use bb cream around the bottom of the eyes to cover dark circles.

Tips And Tutorial for Daily Looks

  1. Apply BB cream as a makeup base. Choose a BB cream with a matte finish or according toyour skin’s needs. And apply more BB cream on the part of the face that needs more coverage. However, use it as naturally as possible so that it doesn’t seem overdone or uneven skin tone.
  2. Do contouring on the face. Blend using a brush on the cheekbones and blend in a circularmotion on the chin.
  3. Use eye primer on the eyelids to make the makeup stick more and not fade quickly. In thistutorial, she also applies her eye primer to cover the dark circles under the eyes.
  4. Next, it’s time for you to shape your eyebrows. Draw eyebrows using an eyebrow pencilfollowing the shape of your eyebrows.
  5. After applying the eyebrow pencil, for makeup on the eyelids, you do not have to use eyeshadow. You can use the same product and color as you apply.
  6. Eyeliner only on the outer corner of the eye by forming a short line.
  7. Finally, apply lip tint or lip cream

Furthermore, Estee also highly recommends others interested in cosmetics to not forget to use skincare because it is very influential on your facial health. It’s also advised not to use makeup when your face has acne. Her recommendation also touched upon cosmetic brands that she often uses, namely Maybelline and Emina.

Journalist: Fatimah Fauziah Gunawan 

Editor: Michael Tan

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