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The Warmest Hello from Your Most Beloved

I found a way to let you win
But I never really had a doubt
Standing in the light of your halo
I got my angel now

Are you familiar with the song lyrics from above? The song above was performed by a famous American singer. Beyonce Giselle Knowles or better known by her stage name, Beyonce, recorded this song in 2008. Then, this song, “Halo”, was released on February 20, 2009. This song is very popular among young people because the music sounds cheerful and the lyrics are quite touching. In fact, “Halo” spent 31 weeks on the top 100 billboards in 2009 and its music video reached 1 billion views.

This song tells the story of a girl who had closed her heart tightly to anyone. She built walls and space for herself. She was too tired because she was getting a lot of bad treatment from the environment and people around her. She no longer wants to deal with the people around her by involving her heart. We’ve been like that too, haven’t we? We have felt hurt and disappointed because of the environment or people closest to us. We may or have closed the door of our hearts to others because we are too tired and disgusted by all the disappointment and sadness they keep giving us. However, believe me, all the disappointments and sadness that we have experienced do not always have bad ending.

In the song “Halo”, this girl finally finds happiness, the person she loves and loves her the most, even though she never thought of finding it. This girl didn’t think of finding someone who would understand her at all because she believed it was impossible. However, as in the lyrics “I got my angel now”, this girl managed to find someone who was very precious to her without even looking for it. She finally found someone who can give her happiness and can make her life more meaningful. She doesn’t need to worry about anything else because she has got a gift that gives her the strength to be able to run her day, no matter how bad it is.

In our life, we must have experienced this too. When we are really in a bad state, even without us asking or looking, there must be people closest to us who will give their love and attention to us. They indirectly provide enthusiasm and strength for us to live life as bad as it is. Spending time with someone we loved is really fun and happy, right? Therefore, don’t waste people who really love you. Stay cheerful in living your days, and don’t forget to always take care of yourself too!


Author: Theresia Paskah Prastiti 

Editor: Michael Tan 

Pic: Google

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