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Live and Chill : “You just forget”

(“Semua yang sirna ‘kan nanti terganti / Semua yang sirna ‘kan kembali lagi”) Those lyrics are from Hindia’s song outro “Secukupnya.” It means that “what has gone away will return, and what has gone away will be replaced” in English. Those lyrics have a major impact on my maturation process. I began to understand from the lyrics that life is not as simple as I had imagined. There are some things that I can obtain by hard work or chance, and those that are not for me. I used to blame myself for what I couldn’t have back then. I couldn’t tolerate losing something, being rejected, or not being able to achieve my goals. I didn’t want people to see me failed because it was something I didn’t want them to see. I tried to make someone proud of me, and if you’re wondering why this happened to me, I’m not sure either. As a result, I was unable to live in the present and be content. My daily bread was trust issues and cynical thoughts – I kept asking myself, “Is this good enough for me?” But life goes on, and I meet a lot of people and learn every single word, saying to me, “That’s life.” Something brighter than ever has caught my attention now. I’d like to take this opportunity to say a few things about serendipity – discovering goodness without looking for it.

You feel angry, disappointed, and helpless due to your loss and failure. It is really normal. Life is an endless suffering. Life would not give you a break. There is no pause button in life, just like when you play online game and your mom ask you to pause the game, you can’t do that, right?. As the time goes by, nothing is getting easier. I, myself, have a really pessimistic view for life. Through this pessimistic view, I could learn how to be chill in life and enjoy every ups-and-down. If world gives you lemon, makes it lemonade. It tastes sour for the first time, but you can make it tastes a lot better by adding other ingredients in it. Moreover, you even could make a profit from the lemon which tastes sour when you try it for the first time. At this point, it is just like our life. We have bad experiences, but after all we can learn from them and get a better result in the end. It will turn out as advantages for us after all. There is nothing wasted. Every wound will shape you; every scar will build your throne.

“It is just not my time, I will wait for it comes later”. I know each of us has a different pace to live, but it is not how it works. Beside than waiting your time, why don’t you make it come to you? Something is given for them who deserve. If you don’t deserve, just accept it that your time will not come to you. Well, for me, it is a good start as an acceptance stage, but as what I’ve said before that life doesn’t have a pause button. You are who can save yourself. What good for me is not always good for you. Just let it flow, whatever it will be, will be. “You can say like that because you have privileged life”, if that what you want to say as an argument, then you are really don’t deserve with something good. We have a different start, so our kind of good and success is also different. It is okay to be motivated by someone, but keep this in your mind, you are you, the one and only you.

As conclusion, you just need to be chill for what will happen for you. You wait for goodness come, but how if you don’t know that it has come in front of you? Or you have not ready to take them?. Binge-watching your favorite series, doing your assignment, listening to your favorite music, sleeping, or working, you can do anything what you want and something good will be there for you because you enjoy it in present. Make it not find it.


Journalist: Juhandi Dwi Putra Lyana 

Editor: Michael Tan 

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