Julieth Amanda: Joining many organizations without feeling burdened

Even though she’s just entering new campus life, it doesn’t stop Julieth Amanda from joining many organizations.

In her first year, she joined 4 organizations. At the university level, she joins Jalinan Kasih Mahasiswa Katolik (JKMK) and Grisada, which is a dance club, as well as HMPS and English Debate Society (EDS) in English Letters.

She also joins several communities outside the campus and often participates in church’s events. In addition, she mentioned joining several other communities outside the church and campus, but because she is not the caretaker, she is just there for the ride.

There is a reason why she wants to join many organizations. Back when she was in high school, she was quite the opposite. “When I was in high school, I only joined one or two organizations, and it was not as big as now,” she said.

However, she changed when she entered university. Now she tends to be more active in finding activities such as those organizations. She said that she is grateful to be given the confidence to join and participate in many organizations. In fact, by joining many of them, she has gotten a lot of benefits. One of them is that she can learn from her friends and seniors not only in class but also in those organizations, either for study material or university student’s life, especially as an English Letter student.

Because of her organizations, she is aware that she is very busy. She said that even though she is not perfect, she tries to manage her time. But, her schedule is quite flexible. “It’s not like my busy schedule is so stressful, but it’s more like if organization A has an agenda and is not as urgent as A, I take priority,” She said. “Yes it is busy, but it is manageable,” she continued.

During this era, she said that she had thought about whether or not she could carry out all of her activities. However, she manages to keep up with her activities. According to her, so far there is no big complaint, but sometimes she takes a break for a meeting. However, in the end, she is glad and thankful because she can do her activities. Even her friends are surprised that she is able to manage her time despite joining many organizations.

She concludes by saying: “I know this is really tiring, but it is fun. I like to get together and to join organizations, that’s what makes me not feel burdened.”


Journalist: Michael Surya Dikdaya Pradipta 

Editor: Alma Anindita 

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