Unaware Faces

And my world feels like intoxicated,

The delicacy of it crippled,

My blue skies into grey, they fade,

And the jubilant in me has been long gone.

Assuming to be alone is the best company,

Yet, still losing myself for a hundred more.


Of all the crowd that lift me along the way.

I keep thinking,

For where the lights are pouring,


That the lights are shining my way, forevermore.

Coming as the unaware faces into the best companies,

Where their presences are not my wanted things,

Where the encounter is by simple accidents

Yet, I find it as the dazzling part of us.

From one into many, and will always be embraced.

From one into many, and the sadness healed.

From one into many, and the moments lived,

And they are my serendipity that I gladly claimed.




Author: Birgitta Ardhana N. 

Editor: Vincenzo Halim 

Illustrator: Ariel Harpa

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