Creative Writings Flash Fiction

The Hollow Days


Arnold had been musing for thirty days. He had lost someone who was very precious in his life. She always woke him up every morning. She always cooked his favorite dish. She was always by his side. He stared at the dewy window of his office. He mourned the fate that befell him. He wondered why this disaster could happen to him. Lately, he had been daydreaming more often and sometimes he cried without realizing it. He endured the hollow days patiently and resiliently.

“Mom, why did you leave me so quickly? I still want to spend time with you,” Arnold said in his heart. Yeah, he lost his mother. Her mother passed away in a car accident when she went to London a month ago. He remembered when he heard his mother had passed away. He was very shocked and didn’t believe it. He knew it from his uncle. After the accident, her mother was taken to the hospital by an ambulance. Unfortunately, she had passed away when he arrived at the hospital.

One day after his mother’s death, his mother was cremated at a crematorium in Nottingham, Arnold’s hometown. Arnold sobbed during the cremation process of his mother. He had never felt so sad like this before. He saw his mother for the last time when they were at home. At that time, his mother advised him to become a successful person. She also told him that if she passed away, Arnold should stay focused on his life goals.

Since then, Arnold lived with his father and sister. His father and sister consoled him so that he won’t be sad. However, it didn’t affect Arnold. He remained sad. It was the first time he had to live without his mother. Everything that was on his mind was his mother. He imagined his mother seeing him when he became successful. He regretted not having had the chance to make his mother happy. If he could rewind time, he would have done his best for his mother.

One day, Arnold met Rachel, a new employee at his office. Arnold and she quickly became friends. Rachel was a friendly woman. Arnold told Rachel about his mother and she understood what Arnold had experienced. She tried to comfort him. When lunchtime arrived, she invited him to the cafeteria. Arnold agreed so they went to the cafeteria together.

“I understand what you have experienced, Arnold,” Rachel said to Arnold.

“Thank you for listening to my story,” Arnold answered her.

“You’re welcome Arnold, but you shouldn’t be sad all the time, you have to be strong,” Rachel replied.

“I’m trying, but it’s so hard. Can you tell me what I should do?” Arnold asked.

“You can do your hobby, spend time with your family and friends, and stay physically active. You also need to focus on work so you can achieve your dream. Your mother would be happy seeing you successful,” Rachel said.

“You’re right. From now on, I will focus on work and do anything that makes me happy. Being sad all the time is useless. I deserved to be happy,” Arnold replied.

Since then, they have been getting closer. Arnold promised that he would make his mother happy. He believed that if he worked diligently and tried his best, his mother would be proud of him.


Author: Steven Yulyanto/214214022

Editor: Yohana Satvika Wahyuveda, Ruth Tirza Arina (QC)

Illustrator: Ajeng Suci Hati


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