Creative Writings Poem

The Awaken of Judgement

As the light around me fades 

The sky darkens like the abyss 

As my beating heart slows

My eyes are closed now the abyss surrounds me


Was this inevitable to reverse?

My life wasn’t as bright like others

Blood needs to be shed for my safety

And those whom I cared about were the consequences


The blade of justice prevailed

At the cost of my own soul

This was it nothing can save me

My faith has been chosen by the gods


My only wish is to live a tranquil life in my next incarnation. 


Those words will change my existence forever

Unexpectedly, I am moved to a void

A figure appears from the abyss 

Standing there, menacingly, silently 


Am I being punished?

Is this the retribution for my sins?

I stand there trembling 

Knowing that my faith is set


The deity appears docile

No words escape its mouth

The deity’s presence is heavy 

A mere mortal like me will suffer


Though you have sinned, all life deserves second chances


The past of yours was filled with agony

Despair was inevitable 

You shattered your own life

Giving everything even your soul


Ending another soul is a vile sin

But to uphold the blade of justice 

You slaughtered those corrupted beings 

With the cost of your fragile soul


While you slowly fade

You’ve shown no regrets

Your expressed happiness 

Because now no one will harm them


You sacrificed yourself for the sake of others, you truly are a kind being


The deity’s wisdom enlightened me

Her merciful grace brings warmness

I feel light as a feather

As I reduce to nothing


That chance was given to me 

A new life to come forth

Reborn not as a punishment

Reawaken as a chance to live 


Author: Putu Beryl Putra Widyadhana

Editor: Nanda Pratama Putera Tomasila, Vonna Meisya Saputra (QC)

Illustrator: Betsy Mariana Agoha

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