Sailor’s Journey

Illustration by: Angelita Dayang Diva

When you had a treasure map

You’d try so hard to reach the end

To start, you need a boat, a crew, and an adventurer’s heart

Looking forward to what’s coming ahead


A trip ready to be sailed

In a sea full of signs of beware

As 70% of it hasn’t been discovered

Keep in a full guard, or else you’ll feel


Seasick, afraid, and even hurt by the journey

They mess you up

Not only physically but also mentally

But hey, keep telling yourself this


What lies up ahead, it will be worth it

Every single time you spent living with the fish,

Every space you take to trace around the red line,

Each scenery you sacrifice for a sea wherever you look


That should be enough to keep you going

Is what I’d say when we got stability on our side

But we are human, full of hope in finding that chest

That was soon to be ours if it was even still there


Once again, we are humans broken by expectations

There will be a day you will fear

That tragedy is on the ship paying a visit holding your gear

Occupying the steering wheel straight to the void of your thought


What if there is no treasure chest?

What if it’s empty?

Our trip crossing the horizon would have been a waste!

It is time for us to give up


Let me tell you, my crew

I once was a feared Kid

Afraid of failure, of everything to come

The failure took the most out of me and left me to sink into the bottom

Climbing is not a result but a process


Hence why, be grateful for the trip

Be grateful thus you are not on this journey alone

Even if it was air that we were chasing

I’d be grateful for this experience of griefing


Author: Gregorius Beryl S.S.

Editor: Sitti Aminah Intan Utami & Vonna Meisya Saputra (QC)

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