Creative Writings Poem

Is It Possible, Mom?

She reminded her of the origin of love

The womb, so warm, engulfed by amniotic wisdom 

Strings attached through the umbilical cord

Now etched in the daughter’s heart

So this is the home she had been longing for

The care from a pair of hands other than her own

Massaging her back until the wind escapes

Messaging in, here warmth, so winter 

will no longer enter her heart, she said

“If this is what you need,

take my fire.”

She flames with no care

to the melting body of her candle

The daughter cried in silence

for her exhaustion felt, too

She has the time candle, too

so many stages to burn

yet so little, for her mother

If only she could’ve been

kinder to her without becoming

less pleasured of a lover

less passionate of a dreamer

To the kindest, without less youth

Is it possible, that she too

build a warmth of home

to pay back

without an upcoming

after death regret?

Author: Agnes Seraphine

Editor : Sitti Aminah Intan Utami & Vonna Meisya Saputra (QC)

Illustration : Kenar Syalaisha Kanayana

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