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A Ghost Story, a Non-Horror Story of a Ghost

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A Ghost Story is a 2017 fantasy/drama movie directed by David Lowery. Two prominent names to star in this movie are Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara.

Although it is titled A Ghost Story, this isn’t a horror movie. Rather, this movie tells a story about a man who came back as a ghost to watch over his mourning wife from the other side. Unfortunately, as a ghost, there’s nothing much he can do. He is stuck as a ghost and slowly becomes lonely and forgotten.

Although there’s not much to say about the summary of the plot, it actually carries a more profound meaning about grief. It’s about the acceptance of death, mourning, and reconciling with time.

It’s all about time. 

— A Ghost Story (2017)This movie is a critically acclaimed movie that people somewhat call an “artsy” movie. The aesthetic of A Ghost Story is something that the movie can truly be proud of. Every shot is beautifully captured. In this captured scene below, for example. It can be seen that the blue-ish color palette helps the viewers to feel the mutual feeling of loneliness as the ghost character feels. From the tone of the movie itself, it delivers the mood of both the vacancy in life and the absurdity of the film.

One of the scenes from A Ghost Story


However, some people may find it difficult to understand what this movie is trying to convey. The plot of the movie can be considered incomprehensible to some degree. Its back-and-forth types of delivery make it difficult to follow. On top of that, there is almost no dialogue in it which can complicate things even further.

But a movie isn’t always about the plot. Sometimes, it’s worth just experiencing the vibe of the movie. A Ghost Story’s tone and vibe will mesmerize the audience who just wants to sit and experience the movie. However, for a viewer seeking a captivating storyline that can easily engage them, this movie can be a bit boring even though it only has 1 hour and 32 minutes duration. Moreover, it’s a movie with a slow tempo. For some people who are not patient enough, this leisurely-paced movie isn’t the right fit for them.This movie received a decent rating from IMDb. It’s 6.8/10. Overall, A Ghost Story is definitely a highly recommended movie to be put on your must-watch list.



Author: Valentina Pascalia

Editor: Nanda Pratama Putera Tomasila, Vonna Meisya Saputra (QC)

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